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Kingdom Come: Deliverance perk points guide

What all your leveling up earns you

Warhorse Studios

Kingdom Come: Deliverance doesn’t approach stats and skills in quite the way you probably expect. Henry gets better at things by doing them. That, in turns, allows him to earn, learn and unlock new perks.

The trouble with this system is that the level up and perk points notifications are easy to miss. And the mechanic for unlocking new perks is buried under a couple layers of menus-within-submenus-within-submenus. This guide will show you how to level up your stats, combat techniques and skills in Kingdom Come: Deliverance and then we’ll point out to go to unlock those perks for Henry.

How to level up (learn by doing)

Warhorse Studios

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you don’t assign points to your various stats, choose which combat techniques to learn or activate certain skills. Instead, you level up those stats, techniques and skills by doing things that require them. Talk a lot, and you’ll earn a level in your speech stat. Carry around a shield for a while, and you’ll earn a level in the defense technique. Ride a horse for a while, and you’ll level up your horsemanship skill.

Henry is rarely locked in to any one thing — he’s an evolving character. You don’t have to assign points in strength before you know whether or not you want him to focus on swordplay. It also means you can change your mind at any point. If you get tired of using maces, you can start getting better with axes just by picking one up. If you want to increase your agility, just use bows more often.

Perk points

Warhorse Studios

If you open your menu, then tab over to player, you can see Henry’s stats on the aptly named stats tab. If you press triangle/Y (or the PC equivalent) for more info, you’ll get a description of that stat. Toward the bottom, you’ll see how often that stat earns you a perk point. You can do the same on the combat and skills tabs. Some of them unlock a perk every other level, while others unlock them every three or four levels.

Warhorse Studios

Once you’ve earned the requisite levels in that stat, technique or skill, you’ll get a notification in the top left corner of your screen (like in the image above). If you miss that — and it’s exceedingly easy to miss — you’ll also get a yellow star and that stat’s tab in the player menu. Any stat that has perk points for you to spend will have a number in the column just to the right of the description.

Warhorse Studios

Open up the dropdown for that stat, technique or skill, and you’ll see a list of perks you can unlock with your point (like in the image above). Some perks require you to reach a certain level in their parent stat to unlock it.

These stats act like buffs and debuffs or some mixture thereof. Make sure you read each available perk’s info carefully before you commit. If there’s a perk a little further down you’d rather unlock, you can also just save them until you earn a higher level.

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