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Kingdom Come: Deliverance guide: Romance options

“Courtship” and “At Your Service, My Lady” side quests

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Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance gives Henry options for romance, like any good action role-playing game. Well, two options. Wooing Theresa and Lady Stephanie (these two objectives are not mutually exclusive and can, in fact, be done mostly simultaneously) will earn you an achievement or trophy for each of them.

There are side quests associated with each of them — “Courtship” for Theresa and “At Your Service, My Lady” for Lady Stephanie. Like every quest and objective in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, there are countless options for how to complete them. We’ll walk you through the basic approach for each below. (There are obviously spoilers below, if that needs saying.)

Theresa (Courtship side quest)

Theresa’s part of your introduction to the game back in Skalitz — you have to give her some nails. A little later, you (can) save her from the attention of some soldiers as you sprint past on your way out of town during the “Run!” quest. She’ll return the favor later when you head back to Skalitz to (try to) bury your parents. She’ll nurse you back to health at her uncle’s mill in Rattay.

When you’re on your feet again, you’ll eventually make your way to Rattay and take a job with the local bailiff as part of the “Keeping the Peace” quest. At the same time, you’ll get a notification that you’ve started the “Courtship” side quest. There are three more steps to complete to finish it.

When you have the time, head back to the mill in Rattay. Talk to Theresa before noon on a sunny day and ask her on a walk. Follow her around and enjoy your lovely morning by the river.

Now you have to wait a couple of in-game days. You’ll get a notification when it’s time to return to Rattay, so go off and do something else for a while.

Find Theresa at the mill again and ask her out. She’ll tell you to take her to the Broken Wheel Tavern in town. Follow her and watch your cutscenes. The date goes a little sideways, and you’ll have to fight a handsy bar patron. Knock him out, and you’ll have your first kiss with Theresa. After another cutscene, you’ll have to wait a couple days again.

This time when you return and talk to Theresa again, she’ll ask you to play a game with her. You can let her win or not, and then a thunderstorm breaks out. Help Theresa pick up the laundry from outside, and then … well, then things get a little PG-13. You’ll get your “McLovin” achievement or trophy and complete the “Courtship” side quest.

Lady Stephanie (At Your Service, My Lady)

You’ll first meet Lady Stephanie when you limp into Talmberg after escaping Skalitz. You’ll talk to her when she visits during your first night in town, but you won’t be able to start the romance quest for a while. Like Theresa above, you’ll have to wait until after you return to Skalitz to (try to) bury your parents.

The next time you return to Talmberg, find Lady Stephanie and talk to her to start the “At Your Service, My Lady” side quest. She’ll give you a grocery list of things she needs for her niece’s wedding.

Buy wine from the merchant in Rattay

When you talk to the merchant in Rattay, you’ll get your first piece of bad news (and this sets the tone for the whole side quest). The merchant put the wine up as a prize for an archery tournament.

Go to the northeast end of town to the archery range to enter the tournament. Win, and you’ll get the wine. If you lose, you’ll have to convince the winner to part with his prize.

Get the decorative crown from the masters in Sasau

Make your way to Sasau — you probably haven’t been here yet, so you’ll have to do some walking or riding to get there. Talk to Master Jerome to learn that — surprise! — the crown can’t be finished because the gem is missing.

Check your map for the area to search for the missing stone (and the merchant). Stick to the road and you’ll eventually find a wagon and a trail of blood. Follow the trail into the woods toward the river to find a nearby bandit camp. After you deal with the bandits, search the trunk to find the gemstone. Return it to Master Jerome, wait until the next evening, then retrieve the crown.

Find a roan from Uzhitz

Head to the marker on your map in Uzhitz. You’ll find the roan out front, but you’ll have to talk to a couple people first. Start by checking in with the Head Groom who will point you to Vashek. Talk to Vashek to figure out the trick to riding the horse, then ride it back to Talmberg. As long as you’re on the horse, you can fast travel back.

When you hand over everything to Lady Stephanie, she’ll reward you with a shirt. In her defense, it’s a very nice shirt. If you choose to change in front of her, things will happen, and you’ll get the Casanova achievement or trophy.

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