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Kirby and the Forgotten Land guide: Natural Plains mission list

What do you have to do to 100% the Natural Plains?

Kirby floats on a warp star in the Natural Plains Image: HAL Laboratory/Nintendo via Polygon
Julia Lee (she/her) is a guides producer, writing guides for games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Genshin Impact. She helped launch the Rift Herald in 2016.

Our Kirby and the Forgotten Land Natural Plains mission guide show you the missions for each level, so you can see what you need to do before you jump in.

In Kirby and the Forgotten Land, each level has a set of missions to complete that reward Waddle Dees. While completing the level will score you a few Waddle Dees, the rest of the ’Dees are locked behind objectives that you can’t see until you either complete them or beat the level. As a reminder from our beginner’s guide, you should investigate every nook and cranny of every level, looking for hidden paths or secret areas that will lead you to secret Waddle Dees.

Downtown Grassland

  • Clear the stage
  • Save the (3) hidden Waddle Dees
  • Make 5 tulips bloom
  • Break the building’s shutter
  • Ride the spewing water up to the balcony

Through the Tunnel

  • Clear the stage
  • Save the (4) hidden Waddle Dees
  • Find the secret room
  • Light 4 Lantern Switches
  • Remove the wanted poster

Rocky Rollin’ Road

  • Clear the stage
  • Save the (4) hidden Waddle Dees
  • Find the side road while going uphill
  • Eat snacks off 3 tree stumps
  • Drive without falling off the edge

A Trip to the Alivel Mall

  • Clear the stage
  • Save the (4) hidden Waddle Dees
  • Eat 4 Doughnuts
  • Eat an Invincible Candy
  • Navigate the mall without getting lost

The Brawl at the Mall

  • Clear the stage
  • Slip through Gorimondo’s legs
  • Defeat Gorimondo with the Sword ability
  • Clear within 2:00
  • Clear without taking any damage

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