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Kirby and the Forgotten Land guide: Natural Plains hidden Waddle Dee locations

Where to find every hidden Waddle Dee in Natural Plains

A Waddle Dee floats in a cage around several mochi doughnuts Image: HAL Laboratory/Nintendo via Polygon
Julia Lee (she/her) is a guides producer, writing guides for games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Genshin Impact. She helped launch the Rift Herald in 2016.

A huge part of Kirby and the Forgotten Land is collecting Waddle Dees. While you get some for completing specific tasks, each level also has hidden caged Waddle Dees to find. Our Kirby and the Forgotten Land Natural Plains Waddle Dee location guide lists out where to find each hidden Waddle Dee per level.

Some Waddle Dees can be seen in plain sight, whereas others are in secret rooms or locked up behind challenges. Each level has three to five caged Waddle Dees, and some of them can be pretty easy to miss. Keep your eyes out for hidden paths and the like to find them all.

Downtown Grassland (3 Waddle Dees)

Waddle Dee #1: This Waddle Dee is after the caged enemy battle and it’s not skippable.

Waddle Dee #2: Head up the building the use Dome Mouth on the water tower to free it.

Waddle Dee #3: Use the Sword or Cutter ability to cut down the cone and use Mouthful Mode on it. Use Cone Mouth to break open the turtle-like enemy to grab this Waddle Dee.

Through the Tunnel (4 Waddle Dees)

Waddle Dee #1: Use Mouthful Mode on the water tank and hit the switch inside. This opens a path to the Waddle Dee.

Waddle Dee #2: Blow up a bomb block towards the end of the room with the rising platforms after you climb up above the door. It’s behind the metal blocks.

Waddle Dee #3: Take the cannon to this Waddle Dee.

Waddle Dee #4: Use Mouthful Mode to place the stairs to the right of the cannon and take it up to get the Waddle Dee.

Rocky Rollin’ Road (4 Waddle Dees)

Waddle Dee #1: Hit the target with the Ranger ability to reveal it.

Waddle Dee #2: Hit the target above the metal beam to reveal a shooting challenge and clear it. (If you fail, you can leave and re-enter to reset it.) You’ll get the Waddle Dee as a reward for hitting all the targets.

Waddle Dee #3: Press the switch at the end of the rolling rock before the rock breaks the platform to make the Waddle Dee appear.

Waddle Dee #4: Turbo dash through the wall at the end of the Mouthful Mode car path for the Waddle Dee.

A Trip to the Alivel Mall (4 Waddle Dees)

Waddle Dee #1: Climb up on top of the hallway with the bomber enemies. It’s past the Gordo on the right.

Waddle Dee #2: It is in a treasure chest in the burger store.

Waddle Dee #3: Freeze the fiery blocks and hit the switch behind them in the room with the four conveyor belts to reveal the Waddle Dee.

Waddle Dee #4: It is in a treasure chest in the cake store (across from the ice cream store).

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