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Kirby and the Forgotten Land guide: Originull Wasteland hidden Waddle Dee locations

Where to find every hidden Waddle Dee in Originull Wasteland

Waddle Dee get trapped in cages by crows and dogs Image: HAL Laboratory/Polygon
Julia Lee (she/her) is a guides producer, writing guides for games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Genshin Impact. She helped launch the Rift Herald in 2016.

A huge part of Kirby and the Forgotten Land is collecting Waddle Dees. While you get some for completing specific tasks, each level also has hidden caged Waddle Dees to find. Our Kirby and the Forgotten Land Originull Wasteland Waddle Dee location guide lists out where to find each hidden Waddle Dee per level.

Some Waddle Dees can be seen in plain sight, whereas others are in secret rooms or locked up behind challenges. Each level has three to five caged Waddle Dees, and some of them can be pretty easy to miss. Keep your eyes out for hidden paths and the like to find them all.

The Wastes Where Life Began (3 Waddle Dees)

Waddle Dee #1: Get the five green shards to unlock this Waddle Dee.

Waddle Dee #2: Use Ring Mouth to blow the pillar on to the cracked flooring to reveal this Waddle Dee.

Waddle Dee #3: Use Ring Mouth to blow another pillar to break the cracked ground. Go inside with Ring Mouth and again, use Ring Mouth to blow another pillar down, revealing the Waddle Dee.

Searching the Oasis (5 Waddle Dees)

Waddle Dee #1: Head down the secret path behind the snake enemy to get to Waddle Dee by the pool.

Waddle Dee #2: Go up the ladder in the bottom right corner of the second large purple frog enemy to nab the Waddle Dee.

Waddle Dee #3: From Waddle Dee #2, continue on the platforms and use Dome Mouth to go down the tower. Use Pipe Mouth to break the wall at the end of the path for Waddle Dee #3.

Waddle Dee #4: Use the water Mouthful Mode to clean the purple goo around the fence you can dig under. Dig under, head through the door and collect the green shards to free the Waddle Dee.

Waddle Dee #5: Defeat the poison frog right before the end of the stage using the Water Mouth to free Waddle Dee #5.

Alivel Mall (Staff Side) (5 Waddle Dees)

Waddle Dee #1: Use the Ring Mouth in the circle hole to get the Waddle Dee.

Waddle Dee #2: Use the Cutter or Sword ability to cut the rope to open the platform below. Grab the SODA Mouth and fit into the rectangle hole for the Waddle Dee.

Waddle Dee #3: Go into the gated door by using a hole in the right wall. Defeat the Wild Bonkers to free the Waddle Dee.

An arrow points through a small slot in a wall to go through to access the Wild Bonkers mini boss
Slip through the hole to fight Wild Bonkers
Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image sources: HAL Laboratory/Nintendo

Waddle Dee #4: Head into the back room and use the hammer ability on the peg on the wall. Pick up the clock that it knocked down. Use the Ring Mouth to blow away the dirt to get Waddle Dee from a chest.

Waddle Dee #5: Use the Water-Balloon Mouth mode to sit in the circle in the ground to get the Waddle Dee.

Moonlight Canyon (5 Waddle Dees)

Waddle Dee #1: It is in the dark room on a path behind a cannon.

Waddle Dee #2: Along the Light-bulb Mouth path, the Waddle Dee appears just as you activate the platform before you leave the area.

Waddle Dee #3: It is on crumbling rocks along the cliff on the bottom side. It’s below the wanted Kirby poster on the cliff.

Waddle Dee #4: Scale up the crumbling blocks to the top of the cliff and use Scissor-Lift Mouth to hit the switch and enter the secret room. Use the Scissor-Lift Mouth again to clear the room.

Waddle Dee #5: Glide through the right hole in the falling cliff while in Arch Mouth Mode.

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