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Kirby and the Forgotten Land guide: Copy ability upgrade locations

Where to find all of the Copy ability upgrade blueprints

A steampunk-esque Waddle Dee sits in a woodshop Image: HAL Laboratory/Nintendo
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In Kirby and the Forgotten Land, you can upgrade your copy abilities shortly after clearing the first boss. These upgrades make your skill more powerful and can even add completely new elements to the abilities. Our Kirby and the Forgotten Land copy ability upgrade guide will show you where to find ability blueprints and how to upgrade your abilities.

How to upgrade copy abilities

To upgrade your abilities, you’ll need to find the blueprint for that ability and head to the Waddle Dee’s Weapon Shop. From there, you’ll be able to upgrade the ability for some Rare Stones and coins.

You can grab Rare Stones from completing Treasure Roads or winning in the colosseum.

Copy ability blueprint locations

Clutter Needle blueprint location

Kirby excitedly picks up a Clutter Needle Blueprint Image: HAL Laboratory/Nintendo via Polygon
  • Level: Scale the Cement Summit
  • Location: The blueprint is under metal cubes that need to be blown up with a nearby bomb brick.

Chain Bomb blueprint location

  • Level: Fast-Flowing Waterworks
  • Location: You’ll get this blueprint from a chest after fighting a swarm of enemies (not missable).

Noble Ranger blueprint location

  • Level: The Tropical Terror
  • Location: You get this as a reward after beating Tropic Woods. (You cannot miss this.)

Toy Hammer blueprint location

Kirby excitedly grabs a Toy Hammer blueprint on a pedestal Image: HAL Laboratory/Nintendo via Polygon
  • Level: Welcome to Wondaria
  • Location: The Toy Hammer blueprint appears after you water all four flowers in the last area of the level. To reveal the fourth flower, you need to use Water-Balloon Mouth to hose away the brown gunk.

Gigant Sword blueprint location

  • Level: Circuit Speedway
  • Location: This blueprint is rewarded after beating the Wild Edge mini-boss (not missable).

Time Crash blueprint location

  • Level: Invasion at the House of Horrors
  • Location: The Time Crash blueprint is in a circle-shaped hole in the wall towards the end of the level.

Fleur Tornado blueprint location

  • Level: The Wondaria Dream Parade
  • Location: Use Water-Balloon Mouth to push the parade float cars into the walls. After you free one of the hidden Waddle Dees from behind a cracked wall, push another car into the wall behind it to get this blueprint.

Pencil Drill blueprint location

  • Level: Danger under the Big Top
  • Location: The Pencil Drill blueprint is a reward from beating Clawroline (not missable).

Dragon Fire blueprint location

  • Level: Metro on Ice
  • Location: You can find the Dragon Fire Blueprint in a chest after using Scissor-Lift Mouth.

Frosty Ice blueprint location

  • Level: The Battle of Blizzard Bridge
  • Location: The Frosty Ice blueprint is rewarded at the end of the level (not missable).

Homing Bomb blueprint location

  • Level: An Unexpected Beast King
  • Location: You’ll get this blueprint after beating King Dedede (not missable).

Crystal Needle blueprint location

  • Level: The Wastes Where Life Began
  • Location: This blueprint is in a chest to the left of the Fleurina miniboss.

Buzz-Saw Cutter blueprint location

Bandana Waddle Dee picks up the Buzz-Saw Cutter blueprint Image: HAL Laboratory/Nintendo via Polygon
  • Level: Searching the Oasis
  • Location: The Buzz-Saw Cutter blueprint is on a back ledge in a treasure chest.

Wild Hammer blueprint location

  • Level: Alivel Mall (Staff Side)
  • Location: After you beat the Wild Bonkers miniboss, use the Hammer ability on the two nails in the room. This blueprint will be in a chest that appears after doing so.

Twin Drill blueprint location

  • Level: Moonlight Canyon
  • Location: The Twin Drill blueprint is in a barrel on the top left of the cliff in the starting area.

Blizzard Ice blueprint location

  • Level: Collector in the Sleepless Valley
  • Location: You get the Blizzard Ice blueprint as a reward for beating Sillydillo (not missable).

Space Ranger blueprint location

  • Level: Conquer the Inferno Road
  • Location: Hit the floating target at the very end of the level with a Ranger skill. You can see the target to the right of the final platform.

Deep Sleep blueprint location

Kirby picks up the Deep Sleep blueprint Image: HAL Laboratory/Nintendo via Polygon
  • Level: Burning, Churning Power Plant
  • Location: Outside of the room with the cannon in it, float to the left from the door to see a path in the metal press that slams down. The Deep Sleep blueprint is in this path.

Storm Tornado blueprint location

  • Level: Gathering of the Beast Council
  • Location: This blueprint is under the boarding area for the roller coaster on the right side.

Meta Knight Sword blueprint location

  • Level: Waddle Dee Town
  • Location: The Meta Knight Sword blueprint is given as a reward for the first clear of the colosseum.

Masked Hammer blueprint location

  • Level: Waddle Dee Town
  • Location: After beating the game, talk to the snoozing King Dedede by the colosseum to get this blueprint.

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