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Why drown in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom when you can make an ice bridge

Step aside, long bridge

Link happily showing off his ice bridge creation in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has so many opportunities for experimentation and innovation. Though the Nintendo Switch game has been out for only a week, players are quickly learning all the ins and outs, figuring out the best life hacks to make the game do anything they want.

First, players made DIY bridges out of literally any material — often logs, though — in order to scale massive gaps. Then there were the war machines, used to both torture Koroks and defeat enemy Bokoblins. Now, the latest trick making the rounds is the ice bridge, an ingenious way to cross wide rivers and lakes.

It’s easy to drown in Tears of the Kingdom: Swimming uses stamina, and that quickly drains — especially if you’re using the dash button to swim faster. I find myself accidentally drowning Link in my wild attempts to chase after fish or confidently swim to destinations. How many times have I muttered to myself, Oh, I can make that. Reader, I often cannot.

Enter the ice bridge. Toss anything with an ice property (I didn’t have any ice fruit or White Chuchu jelly on hand, so I used ice Keese wings to start the ice bridge for the screenshots in this story), into water and it’ll explode and turn into ice. Next, take a weapon — sticks work well — and fuse the ice platform to it.

Take a swing at the water, where you want the next ice platform to go, to make another. Just keep doing this until your ice bridge meets your needs. The ice platforms can also be stuck together using Ultrahand, which means they’re useful once you pull them out of the water, too. It’s handy because you’re not wasting many resources, like weapons, to cut down trees for logs, but you can still make your bootleg bridges. Thank you, frozen water.

And here’s a final PSA: Don’t waste your arrows by attaching your ice items to ‘em. Instead, just throw the ice stuff into the water.

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