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How to play multiplayer with friends in Lego Fortnite

Don’t worry, you can play in your friends’ worlds, even if they’re offline

Fortnite’s Peely and axolotl as Lego characters in the Lego Fortnite mode Image: Epic Games via Polygon

People who already play Fortnite will immediately be hip on how to play Lego Fortnite with friends. It’s as simple as joining your friend’s party to play Battle Royale or No Build, though things get more complicated once you add more friends, or if the world’s maker is offline.

Below, we explain the intricacies of Lego Fortnite’s multiplayer system, covering how to invite friends, how to play when the World Owner is offline, and more.

How to invite friends in Lego Fortnite multiplayer

To join a friend in Lego Fortnite, you have two options:

  • From within the world, the host (the World Owner) can open the menu, select the Players tab, then select “Invite Players.”
  • From the Fortnite lobby, have all players together in a party, where the host can then either create a new world or load a pre-existing one.
The friend invite screen in LEGO Fortnite Image: Epic Games via Polygon

Note that if you are starting a world from scratch, though all players in the party will automatically join, they won’t have access to that world when offline automatically. To do that, you need to make them a Key Holder.

How to become a Key Holder to play a shared world with a friend

To join a shared world when your friend is offline, you need to make all participants a Key Holder.

Only the person who started the world — known as the World Owner — can do this, and requires both parties to be online and in the world to share access.

An easy way to begin is to open the menu during the game, select the Players tab, then select “Invite Players.” This opens the Epic Games friends list, where you can invite them to your party (and thus, your world).

Once they are in the world, the World Holder must revisit the Friends menu, then select the player from the list. Simply press the button prompt (on Xbox controllers, this is the A button) to share the key their way.

Making a player a key holder in LEGO Fortnite Image: Epic Games via Polygon

From there, that player is able to then visit this world when you are not playing. A caveat is all players in the party must be a key holder to join the world when the World Owner is offline.

How to join a friend’s Lego Fortnite world

Joining a friend is as easy as joining their lobby or party. Join the friend’s lobby as you would a regular Fortnite match. You can do this by selecting them from the social menu or by clicking a prompt (which may or may not come up) on the party screen. After doing this, you can click the “Ready!” button and be sent straight into their world. You do not need to be a Key Holder to join the world, as long as the World Owner is online and in their world.

If you have other people in your party who are not friends with the World Owner, you will not be able to join the world, even if you are a Key Holder.

How many people can play multiplayer in Lego Fortnite?

According to Epic Games, you can have up to eight players total (including yourself) in one Lego Fortnite world simultaneously.

We’re unsure if this means your world can have 10 people coming in and out, capping out at eight online at once, or if this means only eight people can even be added to your world. We’ll update this guide when we figure that out. (Getting more than seven people to play Lego Fortnite with you at once is a feat in itself!)

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