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How to find caves in Lego Fortnite

Complete the “Try Lego Fortnite” quest

A Lego Fortnite player stands outside a cave on a sunny day. Image: Epic Games via Polygon

Caves are tricky to find in Lego Fortnite, the crafting-survival mode added in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1, but are well worth the effort.

You’ll need to find a cave to complete a “Try Lego Fortnite” quest (“Find and enter a cave in a survival world”), but they also offer quick and relatively easy-to-access resources for your village. There aren’t any barriers to entry for caves either, so you can delve into them as soon as possible to reap the rewards for crafting relatively early on.

In this Lego Fortnite guide, we’ll explain how to find caves, where to look for caves, why you should venture into them, and what rewards you can gain from caves.

How to find caves in Lego Fortnite

Every world in Lego Fortnite will have at least one cave. It’s important to remember worlds are randomly generated, but they’re all assigned “seeds” so you can gain access to specific worlds by entering the seed number. We’ll explain more about this further down.

Nothing is marked on your map at the start of a new Lego Fortnite world, and caves are no exception. It’s up to you to spot a cave outcropping with your own eyes as you’re exploring the map, and what you’re effectively looking for is exactly what we’ve pictured below: a mass of rocks all joined together.

A Lego Fortnite player stares at rocks that could be a cave. Image: Epic Games via Polygon

Cave outcroppings will generally be this height, meaning anything smaller like one or two rocks probably won’t lead you to a cave. What you’re looking for when you come up to a cave outcropping is the gaping mouth of a cave like the one we’ve pictured below, and interacting with it will immediately load you into the cave itself.

A Lego Fortnite player stands at the entrance to a cave. Image: Epic Games via Polygon

Once you’ve found a cave though, it’ll be marked on your map in that world for good. Take a look at the map symbol just below, for example. That denotes a cave you’ve discovered by yourself in that specific world, and you can journey back there whenever you want.

A map shows the location of a cave in Lego Fortnite. Image: Epic Games via Polygon

Where are (some) caves in Lego Fortnite

As we mentioned previously, every Lego Fortnite world is assigned a seed to identify it by. This means that if you want to load into a specific world, you can type in the seed code when loading a new world from scratch, and you’ll immediately be transported there.

Below, we’ve written out a few map seeds that have easily identifiable caves right from the very beginning of the map.

  • 1,950,660,805
  • 951,458,778
  • 2,104,256,465
  • 1,563,239,398
  • 2,003,257,449

What to expect from caves in Lego Fortnite

Caves function as relatively short and straightforward dungeons with plenty of resources to farm, but enemies waiting within. If you’re venturing into a cave during the day, you’re likely to find spiders, but going in at night drastically increases the chance you’ll face off against multiple skeletons, which hit a lot harder than spiders.

To that end, you’ll want to craft at least a shortsword from your crafting bench before trying to find a cave. It costs five wooden rods — a resource, like planks, you can make at a lumber mill.

A menu shows a player crafting a shortsword to explore a cave in Lego Fortnite. Image: Epic Games via Polygon

Additionally, you could always ask a villager to come along with you. Speak to someone who isn’t Care Bear Team Leader or Brite Bomber and ask them to journey with you. Now you can venture into a cave with an ally, and they’ll back you up against enemies you face, and they’ll even help you farm resources.

What resources you get from caves in Lego Fortnite

A Lego Fortnite player opens a chest in a cave. Image: Epic Games via Polygon

In our time with the mode, we’ve found items from caves in Lego Fortnite, including granite, vines, slurp mushrooms, wheatgrain, snowberry seeds, pumpkin seeds, arrows, wool, blast powder, chord, snow berries, knotroot, and knotroot rods in caves. These are all mainly found within small chests in the caves themselves, like the one pictured below.

However, the contents of chests in cave don’t respawn after you’ve plundered them once. While you can journey back to a cave whenever you want, the chest will be empty, and it won’t replenish those resources later on.

As we mentioned above, there aren’t any barriers stopping you from exploring a cave the second you spawn into a brand new Lego Fortnite map. Once you can spot a cave, you can explore it without any hesitation — so long as you’re primed for a fight against spiders or skeletons.

Looking for more on Lego Fortnite? Check out our Lego Fortnite beginners guide. We also have guides on how to play multiplayer with your buddies, and how to build a successful village. And if you’re looking for places to go, see our list of the best seeds in Lego Fortnite.

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