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Can you repair tools and weapons in Lego Fortnite?

A glitch once let you repair tools, but it’s been patched out

Lego Fortnite character carrying a sword and shield Image: Epic Games via Polygon

Update (Dec 13): Following the removal of the glitch which allowed you to repair weapons and tools unofficially, developer Epic Games has addressed complaints on how fast items degrade by increasing max durability by 30%. Though there remains no method to repair your tools and weapons in Lego Fortnite, this should help in the meantime.

Update (Dec 12): As of Dec. 12, the glitch that allowed you to repair weapons and tools appears to have been patched out and no longer works. Original story follows.

Original story: Lego Fortnite does not have a way to repair your tools (like axes, picks, and shovels) or weapons (like shortswords, crossbows, and shields). So, when they deteriorate enough, they’ll just break, and you’ll have to spend the resources to make a new one.

Except, at least for the moment, there’s a glitch that lets you repair (well, “repair”) everything for free.

Our Lego Fortnite guide will explain how to use this bug to repair your tools and weapons.

Can you repair items and weapons in Lego Fortnite?

You can’t repair your tools and weapons in Lego Fortnite. There’s not a workbench or way to fix the items you use as they deteriorate. However

How to repair items in Lego Fortnite with a glitch

You can repair tools and weapons in Lego Fortnite. For now. It relies on a glitch, so it’s only a matter of time before it’s patched out.

Lego Fortnite placing damaged items in a small chest Image: Epic Games via Polygon

First, you’ll need to be able to make a small chest (6 planks) — which means you’ll need to have a lumber mill set up. Build your small chest and place all of your damaged tools and weapons inside.

Lego Fortnite smashed chests drop their contents Image: Epic Games via Polygon

Next, exit the chest menu and smash the chest with your hands. It only takes three punches to destroy. And that’s it!

Destroying the chest makes it drop the materials you used to create it and all of its contents. When you pick them up, all of the items will be back to full durability. This works on your own items as well as tools and weapons you pick up from skeletons or enemies.

Note that this doesn’t work 100% of the time. We’ve had our chests break and our loot completely vanish on us, but we’re not entirely sure why or what the cause was. We built our chest on top of a cliff in the desert biome, and when we broke it, all the contents simply vanished. That said, the tools we lost were about to break (and thus disappear) anyway, so it’s not like we lost much, but it’s worth noting that you may be left without tools if you solely rely on this trick.

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