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How to make a glider in Lego Fortnite

Take to the skies

Lego Fortnite player riding a glider Image: Epic Games via Polygon
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Crafting a glider in Lego Fortnite is not an easy task, but it will make navigating the world a lot easier (and faster). The glider has a relatively simple recipe, but it’s a midgame item, so you’ll have to have a lot of infrastructure in place before you can make one.

Our Lego Fortnite guide will explain how to craft a glider and everything you’ll need to build before you can make one.

How to make a glider in Lego Fortnite

Lego Fortnite glider recipe Image: Epic Games via Polygon

To craft a glider in Lego Fortnite, you’ll need a crafting bench that’s been upgraded to rare (or better). Once that’s done, you’ll need 8 flexwood rods, 4 wool fabric, and 4 silk fabric.

Getting all of the workbenches build and exploring done to get to that point is a bit of work, though. Let’s break it all down.

When can you make a glider in Lego Fortnite?

The short answer is that you’ll need to have reached the “dry valley (desert) biome before you can build a glider. But there’s a lot of other prep work you’ll need to do, too. Taking each ingredient in the glider recipe in turn, let’s talk about how much you need to build before you can craft a glider.

Flexwood rods

Flexwood is only found in the Dry Valley desert biome. You’ll need a rare forest axe (or better). To make one of those, you’ll need 5 cut amber and 3 knotroot rods. And for cut amber, you’ll have to process rough amber in a gem cutter workbench (4 marble slab, 5 rough amber, 5 sand claw, 3 sand shell). Marble slabs, in turn, come from a stone breaker (20 knotroot and 35 marble).

The flexwood rods needs to made at a lumber mill (8 wood and 15 granite).

Wool fabric

Fabric starts with threads, so you’ll need a spinning wheel first. That requires 8 planks, 5 wooden rods, 5 wood, and 5 wolf claws. For wool thread, you’ll need wool that you can get by petting (not killing) sheep in the Grasslands biome.

To make wool fabric, you’ll need to build a loom (9 flexwood, 8 flexwood rods, and 6 sand claws from desert wolves). At a loom, you can turn 5 wool thread into 1 wool fabric.

Silk fabric

For silk fabric, you’ll also use the loom. This time, though, you’ll be using silk thread made from spider silk. Just like wool fabric, silk fabric requires 5 silk thread.

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