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What’s at the end of the rainbow in Lego Fortnite?

Do you see a rainbow beaming down from the sky? Go to it!

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A Lego Fortnite character approaches a rainbow laser coming out of the skin in the dark Image: Epic Games via Polygon
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While playing Lego Fortnite, you may notice a rainbow beam coming out of the sky and touching down in the distance. You can actually go to this rainbow and you’ll get a handful of rewards for doing so.

Below we detail what’s at the end of the Lego Fortnite rainbow and how to get the rewards from it.

What’s at the end of the rainbow in Lego Fortnite?

At the end of the rainbow, you’ll see the “Everyone is Awesome” Lego set sitting on top of a cloud, in-game. The individual people in the set will take turns dancing around.

Build some stairs to get on top of the cloud and use a dance emote to join in on the fun with them and they’ll give you rewards. After you dance with them, they’ll zap away.

A Lego Fortnite character dances with a rainbow assortment of other characters on a cloud Image: Epic Games via Polygon

The loot you get seems pretty random. We’ve received pizza, burgers, wool, dynamite, and slurp juice. It’s useful stuff nonetheless.

If you see the rainbow in the distance and you want to head over, make sure to head over as soon as you can. The rainbow vanishes after a brief period of time, and you don’t want to miss out on the rewards.

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