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How to get shells in Lego Fortnite

You need to beat the rolling crabs

a lego fortnite character standing in front of a shell item. Image: Epic Games via Polygon
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Shells are a resource in Lego Fortnite that you’ll need to collect to make vitals items like the health charm. They’re not super rare and you can find them early in the game. Still, you might have to do a bit of searching to find them.

Our Lego Fortnite guide will explain how to get shells and what you’ll use it for.

How to get shells in Lego Fortnite

You will need to fight the rolling crabs found in the “grasslands” biome to get shells in Lego Fortnite. The trickiest thing will be finding the right kind of crab, because there are multiple kinds. We’ll walk you through step by step so you can make sure you find the find the right one.

First, go to the “grasslands” biome. Once you’re there, just run around until you bump into a large rolling crab. These crabs will either attack you, or you can spot them by looking for the big round rocks that protrude from the ground. They are less common than skeletons at night, but you should eventually bump into one while running around the biome.

In my experience, I only saw large rolling crabs spawn during the day, and had more luck finding them by the shores of lakes and ponds. They have a dome-like stone on top of their body that has little plants on it. You can see an image of what they look like below.

a lego fortnite character standing next to a rolling crab Image: Epic Games via Polygon

As you search, it’s important to stay in the grasslands biome because it’s easy to bump into other kinds of crabs. I saw small crabs that looked like spiders in the “shores” biome. These do not drop shells. You can also find biome-specific versions of the rolling crabs that look similar. These are not the same enemy though, and they do not drop the regular shells.

Once you find one, fight it. You can easily beat it with a shortsword or pickax and it will drop one shell. Continue the above process to find more shells. It might take some running around, but you should bump into them every now and then.

What you’ll use shells for in Lego Fortnite

You need shells to craft health charms in Lego Fortnite. Health charms are an extremely useful item that increase your total health. Each health charm you equip will give you an additional three hearts of health so it’s a very useful in-game item. If you see one of the rolling crabs, definitely fight it!

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