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Loop Hero guide: How to drop items, get rid of, and destroy equipment

Spoiler: You don’t want to

Loop Hero guide: How to destroy equipment Image: Four Quarters/Devolver Digital via Polygon

In Loop Hero, you collect items like equipment and cards. Eventually, you’ll run out of room in your inventory. You don’t have to worry, though — overflow items become resources.

This Loop Hero guide will tell you how it’s (kind of) possible to destroy equipment, and then we’ll talk about why you don’t want to.

How to drop items, get rid of items, and (technically) destroy items

Technically, when you equip a piece of gear like a weapon, armor, or shield, then placing a different piece of gear on top of it destroys the first one.

Since there’s no switching back, this is a one-way deal. You have to keep a close eye on level and stats to make sure you’re not destroying better equipment.

You should (obviously) do this when new equipment — the piece you’re taking from inventory to the equipment slot — is better. When it’s worse, though, there’s no reason to do this, because your inventory doesn’t actually get full.

Let items become resources

Instead of destroying equipment, let your inventory fill up. Once you have 12 items in it, the oldest item will automatically turn into resources (and those get stashed in your resources pouch). Those resources are what you need to expand your camp.

The same thing happens with cards in your hand. Once you have 12 cards in along the bottom of the screen, your hand is full. Adding more cards will turn the oldest cards into resources.

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