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Loop Hero guide: How to use potion

Build the herbalist’s hut at camp to unlock healing potions

Loop Hero guide: How to use healing potions Image: Four Quarters/Devolver Digital via Polygon

In Loop Hero, the longer your hero lasts, the more cards and resources you get. One upgrade at your camp adds a healing potion to their inventory. Healing potions automatically heal the hero when their health decreases to a certain threshold.

Our Loop Hero potions guide will teach you how to unlock healing potions and upgrade them.

How to unlock and use healing potion

Once you’ve unlocked the build menu back at Loop Hero’s camp, build the herbalist’s hut. This adds the healing potion to your hero’s equipment. Every time your hero passes the cozy camp on your loops, it’ll recharge by two doses of potion.

Any time your hero’s health drops to a certain point (there’s a little marker above the health bar indicating when this will happen), they’ll automatically spend a dose of potion to heal.

How to upgrade healing potions and carry more

Upgrading the herbalist’s hut to level 2 — the healer’s hut — increases the amount that each potion heals, as well as the max number of potions your hero can carry.

When you build the supply depot and unlock the supply mechanic, carrying furniture like the alchemist’s shelf add a dose of healing potion to your max.

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