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Loop Hero guide: All resources list

Find the right resources to build your camp

Loop Hero guide: Resources list Image: Four Quarters/Devolver Digital via Polygon
Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

In Loop Hero, the resources you collect allow you to build structures at your base camp. Those buildings unlock things like potions, upgrades, new cards, and new classes. In this Loop Hero guide, we’ll show you how to get resources including which enemies and cards drop them using our resources list.

Where do resources come from?

You’ll get a steady stream of resources as your hero loops their loops. You get them from killing enemies, placing cards, transforming cards, and when your hero passes through certain tiles.

You’ll also get some resources (specifically scrap metal) when your inventory overflows and when you get more than 12 cards in your hand.

The short answer is that you’ll just get resources constantly by playing Loop Hero.

Scraps versus orbs

Most of the resources you collect are scraps — fragmented versions of a complete resource. For example, stable branches are a fragment of stable wood.

This matters because buildings require the complete (orb, usually) version of resources. Luckily, scraps and fragments combine into full forms automatically. There’s a column in the Loop Hero resource list below that lists how many fragments turn into a whole.

Loop Hero all resources list

Below, you’ll find a table with all Loop Hero resources. We’ve put fragments and complete versions on the same row.

You’ll also see which enemies drop which resources (usually in the fragment version), and which card generates that resource when placed.

Loop Hero all resources list

Fragment name Complete name Fragments needed Enemy drops Card drops
Fragment name Complete name Fragments needed Enemy drops Card drops
Stable branches Stable wood 12 Chest, mimic, flesh golem, scarecrow, wooden warrior Forest, grove, treasury
Preserved pebbles Preserved rock 10 - Rock, mountain, treasury
Scrap metal Stable metal 13 - Treasury, inventory overflow
Ration Food supply 12 Scarecrow, field of blades Treasury, battle field
- Orb of expansion - Fights with 4+ enemies -
- Orb of immortality - Boss fights -
Memory fragment Book of memories 10 Tome, watcher, watcher mage Card hand overflow, Cemetery
Noticeable change Metamorphosis 20 - Transformed/combined tiles
Time shard Astral orb 10 Prime matter, vampire mage, watcher, watcher mage, tome -
Pitiful remains Orb of afterlife 10 Skeleton, skeleton archer, cracked skeleton, blood clot, ghost, ghost of a ghost, prime matter, vampire, vampire mage, swarm of bats, ghoul -
Craft fragment Orb of crafts 10 Slime, chest, mimic, tome, gargoyle, living armor, scarecrow, wooden warrior -
Living fabric Orb of evolution 10 Ratwolf, spider, goblin, goblin archer, goblin leader, bandit, harpy, flesh golem, mosquito, field of blades, scorch worm, fishman, siren -
Shapeless mass Orb of unity 10 Slime, blood clot, ghost of a ghost, swarm of bats, field of blades -

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