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Loop Hero guide: Card list

All tiles, interactions, and synergies, explained

Loop Hero guide: Cards list Image: Four Quarters/Devolver Digital via Polygon
Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

In Loop Hero, you build out the world with cards, and each card creates a tile with its own effects — things like spawning enemies and resources. With dozens of cards, combos, interactions, and synergies between them, it’s hard to keep track of everything, let alone placement.

In this Loop Hero guide, we’ll list every Loop Hero card and tile, their placement requirements, and what they do.

Road, roadside, and landscape card placement

Every Loop Hero card falls into three broad categories based on their valid placement locations: cards that are placed on the road, along the roadside, or in the landscape. You can see the differences in the handy illustration below.

Loop Hero all cards list placement
Card placement and interactions.
Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Four Quarters/Devolver Digital via Polygon
  • Road cards are placed on the loop. These cards replace the default wasteland tiles.
  • Roadside means touching the road.
  • Landscape is everything else. Landscape cards can’t touch the road (can’t be placed within one tile of the road).

Card interactions and synergies

Card interactions depend on the words adjacent or touching in their descriptions. Adjacent means the eight tiles around it, while touching only refers to the four tiles orthogonal to it. Those are illustrated on the right side of our image above. You’ll also see it when you drag the cards onto the … board? loop? into the void?

Types of cards, explained

The cards in your Loop Hero deck fall into five types (we’re reusing some of the types from above here):

  • Road cards replace wasteland tiles on the loop. These tend to be new terrains that generate enemies. For example, a cemetery goes on the loop and spawns a skeleton every three days.
  • Roadside cards modify touching or adjacent tiles, usually by adding enemies. For example, a vampire mansion goes right next to (but not on) the loop, and adds vampires to combat in adjacent tiles.
  • Landscape cards sit out in the void and do things like add to the hero’s max HP (rocks and mountains) or heal them every morning (meadows).
  • Special cards are rarer and modify gameplay in some way, like generating extra resources (treasury) or speeding up time (temporal beacon). These tend to belong in the landscape (away from the loop).
  • Golden cards are rewards you’ll unlock. They change aspects of your hero like decreasing HP in exchange for extra healing.

Loop Hero all cards list

Below, you’ll find a table with every Loop Hero card and tile — including combo tiles. You’ll see notes on their placement, effects, and any anything else we thought was relevant.

Loop Hero card list

Name Type Effect Unlock Notes
Name Type Effect Unlock Notes
Wasteland Road 5% chance of 1 slime/day -
Cemetery Road 1 skeleton/3 days -
Grove Road 1 ratwolf/2 days -
Blood path Road 1 blood clot/4 days Wasteland where two battle fields overlap
Village Road Heals 15+5*loop Gynasium camp building
Ransacked village Road 1-4 ghouls/loop Village touching a vampire mansion
Count's lands Road Heals 15+5*loop - A ransacked village becomes count's lands after 3 loops
Wheat fields Road 1 scarecrow/4 days Farm camp building Must be placed touching a village, +5*loop healing village's effect
Overgrown field Road 1 scarecrow/4 days Remove the attached village from a wheat field Creates field of blades during combat
Ruins Road 1 scorch worm/2 days Supply depot camp building Grants random resource shard
Swamp Road 1 mosquito/3 days, Herbalist's hut camp building Healing deals damage
A Village? Road 1 wooden warrior/2 days One appears per 10 forest/thicket tiles placed
Bridge Road - Bridge camp building Allows rivers to touch the road and pass under
Spider cocoon Roadside 1 spider/day on an adjacent tiles -
Vampire mansion Roadside Adds vampires to combat on adjacent tiles -
Battle field Roadside 1 chest or mimic/loop - Defeated enemies on adjacent tiles might become ghosts
Shipwreck Roadside 1 siren/loop, 1 chest/loop Battle field placed next to a river tile Defeated enemies on adjacent tiles might become ghosts
Road lantern Roadside Decreases the maximum number of enemies on adjacent tiles -
Goblin camp Roadside 1 goblin/day on an adjacent tiles One appears per 10 mountain/rock tiles placed
Goblin lookout Roadside Adds goblin archer to adjacent tiles A goblin camp touching a swamp
Bookery Roadside Replaces your cards when you pass Library camp building
Abandoned bookery Roadside Adds tomes to combat on adjacent tiles - Bookery becomes an abandoned bookery after 20 exchanges
Blood grove Roadside Devours enemies with less than 15% health Field kitchen camp building Must be placed touching a grove, thicket or forest
Hungry grove Roadside Devours enemies with less than 20% health Remove the grove, forest, or thicket from a blood grove Occasionally attacks hero
Bandit camp Roadside 1 bandit/2 days on an adjacent tile One appears per 2 villages
Reed Roadside 1 fishman/3 days Bridge camp building A river tile becomes a reed when it touches the road
Outpost Roadside Spawns an assistant on touching tiles War camp camp building
Smith's forge Roadside 1 living armor/6 exchanges Upgrade smithy camp building Removes 2 unequipped items in exchange for a 20% damage reduction buff for 10 hits
Chrono crystals Roadside Doubles the effect of a day on adjacent tiles First lich battle
Rock Landscape +1% base HP - +1% base HP for each adjacent rock or mountain
Mountain Landscape +2% base HP for each adjacent rock or mountain -
Mountain peak Landscape +48% base HP, spawns 1 harpy/2 days A 3-by-3 square of rock/mountain +2% base HP for each adjacent rock or mountain
Meadow Landscape Heals 2 HP at the start of each day -
Blooming meadow Landscape Heals 3 HP at the start of each day Meadow touching a different tile
Desert Landscape Lowers every creature's HP by 0.5% Intel center camp building
Sand dunes Landscape Lowers all creature's HP by 1% Intel center camp building
River Landscape Doubles effects of adjacent landscape tiles River camp building First river tile can only be placed on perimeter, subsequent rivers must build on the first
Oasis Landscape -0.5% to hero's attack speed, -1% attack speed to all other creatures - Created when a river touches a desert/sand dunes tile
Forest Landscape +1% hero attack speed Forest camp building
Thicket Landscape +2% hero attack speed Forest camp building
Burned forest Landscape +0.5 magic damage A forest/thicket tile in line with a storm temple
Suburbs Landscape +1 XP per enemy killed Upgrade the gymnasium camp building After the first, must be placed touching another suburb
Town Landscape +2 XP per enemy killed - Placing 5 suburbs in a + shape will create a town in the center
Treasury Special Random resource for placing anything adjacent - Gives lots of resources if you fill all 8 adjacent tiles
Empty treasury Special 1 gargoyle/3 days - A treasury becomes empty after placing 8 tiles adjacent to it
Storm temple Special Strikes 2 targets in range/5 seconds Smelter camp building
Beacon Special +40% movement, +20% attack speed -
Temporal beacon Special Chance to spawn watcher Complete 12 loops Speeds time by 50%
Lich's palace Special +5% to lich's HP and damage - Created when the chapter 1 boss spawns
Arsenal Golden Creates additional item slot Smelter camp building Decreases item level by 15%
Ancestral crypt Golden +3 HP for every soul killed, +1 resurrection Crypt camp building Removes HP bonus from armor
Maze of memories Golden Takes up a lot of space Library camp building Fills any contiguous empty tiles with maze of memory tiles and rapidly increases the boss spawn meter
Zero milestone Golden Evenly changes monster's strength depending on distance from zero milestone Alchemist's tent camp building Doesn't affect bosses

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