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Loop Hero hidden boss guide: Frog King

Oops, all swamps for this secret boss fight

Loop Hero guide: Summon and defeat the Frog King secret boss Image: Four Quarters/Devolver Digital via Polygon

Beyond the four chapter bosses, there are secret, hidden bosses in Loop Hero. These have specific ways to summon them that you wouldn’t stumble onto on your own. One of these secret bosses is Frog King, a giant frog in a crown (unsurprisingly).

Our Loop Hero Frog King secret boss guide will teach you how to summon and defeat him, with advice on the best deck to bring, class to play, equipment and traits to look for, and upgrades to build first.

Table of contents

How to summon the Frog King secret boss

The method of summoning Loop Hero’s Frog King sounds simple: replace every road tile with swamp. That’s it.

Loop Hero guide: Summon and defeat the Frog King secret boss
Look for the green frog icon once you place your last swamp card.
Image: Four Quarters/Devolver Digital via Polygon

When you turn every road tile (besides the cozy camp) into swamp, the Frog King will spawn. He shows up without the usual music or lightning, and you’ll just see a green frog icon on a swamp tile. He spawns immediately and appears on a random (swamp) tile.

Collecting enough swamp cards to repave the entire road is quite the undertaking, though. It took us 54 loops to get enough (which is way more loops than we’d ever done before).

Let’s talk about ways to improve your chances of getting swamps (and of surviving long enough to pull this off).

Best Loop Hero deck to summon the Frog King

No matter what deck you build for this expedition, drawing the 30-ish swamp cards you need relies on random chance. And that’s going to take a lot of time.

Loop Hero guide: Summon and defeat the Frog King secret boss
Our recommended deck to summon the Frog King — we’ll explain our reasoning in the text below.
Image: Four Quarters/Devolver Digital via Polygon

Let’s start by paring down the deck you take into the expedition. We’ll talk about each type of card in turn.

Road cards

Bring the minimum of two road cards. One should obviously be the swamp card (unlocked by the herbalist hut camp building).

The other can be anything you want. We like the village (unlocked by the gymnasium camp building) for the mid-loop healing it gives every time you pass. Villages also give you some extra XP from quests (more on this below). Just remember you’ll need to destroy anything you place with an oblivion card eventually, so skip the wheat fields.

Roadside cards

Swamps negate your healing (except for potions) and spawn an oddly hard to kill mosquito every three days. That means balancing extra enemies (more chances to draw a swamp card) against staying alive. We tend to err on the side of caution, so we recommend:

  • Road lantern cards (which you have by default) limit the number of enemies you’ll face on any given tile (meaning you won’t face more than four mosquitos at once).
  • Bookery cards (unlocked by the library camp building) swap out your cards every time you pass, further increasing your chances of getting a swamp card.

Landscape cards

Since the landscape cards you bring don’t prevent you from placing swamps along the road, you have a lot more freedom here.

  • Rock and mountain cards (which you have by default) increase your max HP.
  • Forest and thicket cards (unlocked by the forest camp building) increase your hero’s attack speed.
  • River cards (unlocked by the river camp building) double the effect of any adjacent landscape tiles — these are especially useful next to thicket cards.
  • Desert and sand dune cards (unlocked by the intel center camp building) decrease enemy’s HP.
  • Suburb cards (unlocked by upgrading the gymnasium camp building) increase the XP you get from kills, which unlock more traits (more on traits below).

There is one thing to bear in mind, though: Use meadow cards sparingly. Meadow tiles heal you for 2 HP every morning (or 3 HP if they’re a blooming meadow) per meadow tile. On a swamp tile, however, that healing turns into damage. In your early loops, this won’t be an issue, but by the time most (or all) of your loop is swamp, you take substantial damage every morning.

If you’re confident, you can get away with not including meadows in your deck at all. If you do bring them, don’t place as many as you normally would.

Special cards

You’re free to pick whatever special cards you want. Make certain you’ve got oblivion in there, though — you’ll need to erase tiles of the path periodically.

  • Storm temple cards (unlocked by the smelter camp building) provide some un-evadable damage — so long as you’re alright with being collateral damage occasionally.
  • Treasury cards (which you have by default) are always good for extra resources and the occasional extra card.

Golden cards

The best golden card for this endeavor is the zero milestone card (unlocked by the alchemist’s tent), which decreases enemies’ strength the closer they are to it. Placing it far away from the cozy camp means you’ll face the toughest enemies when you’re most prepared. Placing it close to the cozy camp means you’ll face your easiest enemies close to the loop’s beginning/ending point.

Best class for the Frog King

Before you even get to Loop Hero’s Frog King, you’re going to do a lot of loops and face a lot of enemies. Specifically, you’ll be looping through swamps and facing mosquitos.

The warrior or necromancer are better than the rogue for swamps. Rogues have a 5% vampirism stat by default, so they’ll end up taking damage with every hit they land in a swamp.

Since warriors rely on regeneration (regeneration per sec) more, the necromancer is your safest bet.

To be clear, though, any class will work — we muscled through with the rogue class (mostly because we didn’t realize how much damage we were taking from meadows and vampirism — learn from our mistakes!).

Best items and equipment for the Frog King

Similarly, while picking out equipment, avoid anything with a vampirism stat or equipment with a regeneration (regen per sec) stat. Both of these will harm you in swamp tiles.

Instead, focus on evade, counter, and attack speed (especially in conjunction with forest and thicket cards).

Best Loop Hero traits for the Frog King

Once you’ve unlocked the village card by building the gymnasium camp building, you’ll earn XP for every kill. That XP periodically gives you a list of traits — abilities and buffs — to choose from.

We won’t list every trait here because most of them are useful in one way or another. Just remember to avoid any trait that heals (because swamps).

Every class has the chance to get these two traits that are particularly useful:

  • Card sharp comes with a 10% chance to keep any card you place. This is great for when you get swamp tiles — it’s effectively (on average) an extra tile for every 10 you place.
  • Blissful ignorance gives you 12 oblivion cards. This is especially useful toward the end of your expedition when you have to clear extra tiles off of the loop.

Best camp building and upgrades

You’ll need Loop Hero’s herbalist’s hut camp building because it unlocks the swamp card.

More importantly, your healing potion is the only healing that works in swamps. Upgrade the herbalist’s hut to get as many potions as you can.

Unlike other bosses, the archers provided by watchtower camp buildings do participate in this fight if he spawns within a space or two of your cozy campfire. Build and upgrade watchtowers for the extra help.

Frog King stats, boss fight, and drops

Loop Hero’s Frog King hidden boss fight is tough.

Loop Hero guide: Summon and defeat the Frog King secret boss
Get used to seeing that “evade” notification.
Image: Four Quarters/Devolver Digital via Polygon

He only has two hit points, but he also has the steel flesh trait, meaning he’ll only take one point of damage at a time. On top of that, he has a wildly high evasion stat — there’s a 99% chance you’re going to miss.

You only need to connect with two hits, but it’s going to take forever to land them.

The Frog King drops a bunch of cards and equipment but does not drop any special resources. He doesn’t even drop an orb of immortality like other bosses.

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