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Loop Hero Maze of Memories guide

This golden card does nothing, but what does it do?

Loop Hero Maze of Memories guide Image: Four Quarters/Devolver Digital via Polygon
Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

One of the oddest cards in Loop Hero is the Maze of Memories. The description not-so-helpfully states that “does nothing” and “it takes up a lot of space.” That’s not a lie. It’s also not the whole story.

Our Loop Hero Maze of Memories guide will teach you how this golden card works and how to use it.

How to unlock the Maze of Memories card

You’ll unlock the Maze of Memories golden card once you build the library camp building. You have to expand your camp quite a bit to get here, building at least the smithy, supply depot, and intel center first.

How the Maze of Memories golden card works

Maze of Memories golden cards have to be placed in the landscape — at least one tile away from the road.

Placing Maze of Memories cards in Loop Hero generates additional maze tiles that fill the space around it in a rough circle (think of it like a paint bucket tool in your favorite image editor). By our count, it fills up to 36 tiles.

It doesn’t overwrite existing tiles, but it will fill in roadside as well as landscape spaces.

The Maze of Memories tiles fill spaces right up to the edge of the road. Filling in those spaces will limit the real estate where things like bandit camps or goblin camps can spawn.

How to use the Loop Hero Maze of Memories card

Like the description says, the Maze of Memories does nothing. This means that it doesn't affect your hero’s stats, interact with other tiles, generate resources, or spawn enemies. What it does do, though, is take up a lot of space, as advertised.

The most obvious use for a Maze of Memories golden card is to summon a boss faster. As you place cards fill the void with tiles, that second gauge in the upper left corner fills. When it’s completely full, the boss spawns. With a Maze of Memories card, it’s like placing (up to) 37 cards at once.

The number of loops you’ve completed seems to determine enemy health and damage (including bosses). That means if you fill the summon gauge faster, you won’t have as hard of a fight on your hands. You do have to balance this against the quality of the equipment you’ve collected so far, though. Less time looping means weaker equipment.

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