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Loop Hero class guide: Warrior

How to turn your warrior into an invincible tank

Loop Hero class guide: Warrior Image: Four Quarters/Devolver Digital via Polygon

One-handed weapon, shield, armor, and no boots; that’s Loop Hero’s warrior class for you! The warrior is the starting character, but he’s by no means a simple one. Should you build him for vampirism, health regeneration, or evasion? And what traits are the best? We tried lots of different warrior builds, and these are our best tips for equipment, traits, card decks, and stats.

Warrior abilities and stats, explained

A quick look at the warrior’s base abilities is enough to show us how tank-y he is. He relies heavily on health regeneration stats that continuously heal him. On top of that, the warrior has an evasion stat that lets him avoid damage altogether.

Loop Hero class guide: Warrior
The warrior class’s stats.
Image: Four Quarters/Devolver Digital via Polygon

You might be tempted to use the vampirism stat a lot as well, but remember that vampirism is based on damage output and the warrior’s damage is not that high. It’s usually better to focus on regeneration and evasion instead.

Don’t overlook the fact that the warrior deals 2% extra damage for every second the fight lasts, so your chance to win will increase as the fight goes on. Our advice is to take your time — you can’t lose if the enemy can’t kill you.

Best warrior deck & combos

Since we’re building our warrior for his high HP and regeneration, we need rock, mountain, and meadow cards in our deck.

Loop Hero class guide: Warrior
The best deck for the warrior class.
Image: Four Quarters/Devolver Digital via Polygon

When the loop starts, place nine rock and mountain tiles in a three-by-three square to create a mountain peak. This will give your warrior a great HP boost. Place meadow cards next to other cards to create blooming meadows that heal your warrior three HP per day instead of two.

Next, we need to pick some cards to double those effects. Place a chrono crystal next to your loop, and surround it with blooming meadows to get 6 HP instead of 3. (If you’re a bit more advanced in the game, you can use the river card to double the effects of landscape tiles instead.)

It’s also a good idea to use both village and vampire mansion cards. Village cards heal your warrior and provide quests. Combining them with a vampire mansion creates a count’s lands tile, which heals you the same amount but gives you better rewards.

Finally, the blood grove will kill off any enemy that falls below 15% HP. Considering the warrior’s humble damage output, he will often bring the opponent’s HP below that threshold without killing them. The blood grove will take care of that for you.

Best warrior traits

Loop Hero class guide: Warrior
Best warrior traits.
Image: Four Quarters/Devolver Digital via Polygon

Every Loop Hero class has its unique traits. These three are the best choices for the warrior class:

  • Survivalist. The effect of your regeneration stat doubles if your warrior’s HP falls below 30%.
  • Article of Protection. This trait gives the warrior a temporary shield equal to 65% of his HP. It provides a great buffer and is restored at the beginning of every new loop.
  • Somersault. Evading an attack has a 35% chance to create a counterattack. If your warrior has a good evasion stat, this trait will trigger pretty often.

Warrior build: Regeneration warrior vs. evasion warrior

The warrior’s greatest strengths are his regeneration and evasion ability. But which one should you focus on? Well, it depends on your position in the game. Let’s take a look.

Imagine you are entering the loop solely to grind materials, meaning you will fight many weaker enemies at once. In this scenario, try building a regeneration warrior to continuously heal you during and in between battles. You’ll do this by picking out gear — weapons, armor, and shields — with regen per sec stats. If the regeneration stat is high enough, your opponents will face a fully-healed warrior every time!

If your plan is to fight a boss, however, try for an evasion warrior instead — pick gear with a high evasion stat. As it’s a single battle, you don’t have the advantage of healing between fights. Even a very high regeneration stat will not be able to fully counter a boss attack. A high chance to avoid the attacks is therefore the better option.

Now, let’s grab some cards and jump in that loop!

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