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Loop Hero class guide: Rogue

How to build Loop Hero’s deadly blademaster — you didn’t think you would be running your loops as a warrior forever, did you?

Loop Hero class guide: Rogue Image: Four Quarters/Devolver Digital via Polygon

The second class in Loop Hero is called the rogue. You can unlock it by building the refuge in your base camp.

The rogue is not an easy class to start your loop run with, but his high damage output will definitely make it worth your time. A good build is, of course, key to your survival, so let’s take a look at the rogue’s stats, cards, and traits.

Rogue stats explained

The rogue’s critical chance and critical damage stats mean that there’s a chance (critical chance %) to deal extra damage (critical damage %) on any hit.

Loop Hero class guide: Rogue
Rogue stats.
Image: Four Quarters/Devolver Digital via Polygon

A good strategy for a strong rogue build is getting a decent critical chance — around 30-50% — combined with high attack speed, and then maxing out on critical damage as much as you can. High attack speed means more attacks, and a high critical rate means more of those hits will deal extra damage.

Another important characteristic of the rogue is the 10% bonus for every extra item equipped for the same stat. This sounds complicated, but we’ll explain: If you equip a second item with a critical rate stat, your total critical rate gets a 10% bonus. So, if you have three critical rate items equipped, you get a 20% critical rate bonus. Keep that in mind while choosing your equipment during your loop run — multiple items of the same stat is better.

The rogue’s trophy system

Wondering why you haven’t received any items yet? The rogue class handles the loot system in a unique way. Instead of collecting equipment after defeating an enemy, you will collect trophies. The trophies are automatically transported to your trophy bag (in the lower right corner of your inventory), and then automatically converted to equipment when you reach the cozy campfire tile. This means you only get new equipment once per loop.

Loop Hero class guide: Rogue
Trophies turn into equipment at the cozy campfire.
Image: Four Quarters/Devolver Digital via Polygon

You can still equip new gear during your loop, but you will lose your current inventory when you return to the campfire tile. As a general rule, the more enemies you beat during the loop, the better your equipment rewards.

Rogue card deck build

Our first tip is to only pick one or two enemy-spawning cards. The rogue is very vulnerable in the beginning of a loop, so you don’t want a full hand of opponents that you can’t survive fighting. Spider cocoons are a great choice because of their large numbers and relative weakness. Defeating them will get you a nice trophy supply.

Loop Hero class guide: Rogue
Best cards for Loop Hero’s rogue.
Image: Four Quarters/Devolver Digital via Polygon

As for landscape cards, the desert and sand dune cards reduce the max HP of all creatures, even the hero. That’s where the arsenal golden card (unlocked by the smelter and intel center camp buildings) comes in. This golden card unlocks the amulet equipment slot, which grants a bonus magic HP bar not affected by the desert.

The best rogue traits

Loop Hero class guide: Rogue
Best rogue traits.
Image: Four Quarters/Devolver Digital via Polygon
  • Picky. This trait will reduce the amount of equipment received by three, but it increases that equipment’s quality in return. It’s far better to receive a few good items than a lot of useless ones, so this is a great deal.
  • Old Scars. This will increase the rogue’s max HP by 1 for each trophy received. This effect can stack up nicely, but only if you get it early.
  • Fuss. This decreases your damage received by 7% for every extra enemy. If you regularly take on 3-4 enemies at the same time (for example, if you went with the spider-spawning strategy), this trait is a great help.

Offensive rogue vs. evasion rogue Build

We’re obviously promoting the offensive rogue build here, but you might be wondering whether the evasion rogue build is actually better. As the rogue lacks good defense, it makes sense to look to evasion for help.

Loop Hero class guide: Rogue Image: Four Quarters/Devolver Digital via Polygon

However, you should remember that equipping more items with the same stats grants a bonus, so specializing is helpful. As a result, it will be difficult to build a rogue who is equally damaging and evasive. Furthermore, with evasion , you may evade a few attacks, but you will get hit anyway if you lack the strength and speed to defeat your enemies quickly. In other words, we believe that the best defense for this Loop Hero’s class is its offense.

Now let’s dual-wield our way through that loop!

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