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Luigi’s Mansion 3 guide: 4F gem locations

Find every fourth floor gem with our maps for The Great Stage

Luigi’s Mansion 3’s fourth floor — 4F : The Great Stage — has six hidden gems. In this guide, we’ll show you their map locations and how to find them all throughout the level.

On every floor, gems appear in the same order from left to right in the menu: clear, red, blue, green, purple, and finally yellow. We’ll follow the same order below.


Head into the restroom on the left side of the hallway that leads into the auditorium. Shine your Dark-Light (hold X or L + R together) on the rightmost sink.

Suck up the orbs that appear, and defeat the crystal ghost to get 1F’s first gem.


To get to the dressing room, head up onto the stage where you had the boss fight, and walk behind the curtains to the left.

Use the Dark-Light on the piano. Suck up the three small orbs that appear. Play the piano again, and you’ll get this gem.

Also, while you’re here, suck up all of the coats on hangers to get a golden ghost and make some serious money.


A map for Luigi’s Mansion 3’s Restroom and Concession Stand, where you get the blue gem. Next Level Games/Nintendo via Polygon

Getting this gem requires you to solve puzzles in two rooms — the Restroom and the Concession Stand, which are next to each other on the map above.


Gooigi pulls on a toilet Luigi’s Mansion 3 4F RESTROOM [BLUE GEM] Next Level Games/Nintendo via Polygon

First, enter the bathroom. Become Gooigi, and walk through the fence-like divider in the upper right corner of the room. Suck the chain on the toilet, which will make the ghost on the right wall smile. Become Luigi.

Walk up to the ghost wall, and press X to enter the Concession Stand.

Concession Stand

Luigi’s Mansion 3 4F CONCESSION STAND [BLUE GEM] safe open Next Level Games/Nintendo via Polygon

Your goal is to open the safe at the upper left of the room. To do that, aim your vacuum at the leftmost bottle next to the safe. Walk slowly from left to right, creating music with each of the open bottles.

Make it all the way to the right, and the safe open and reveal this gem.


Luigi’s Mansion 3 4F AUDITORIUM [GREEN GEM] Next Level Games/Nintendo via Polygon

You can set this one up, but you can’t get it when you first reach the fourth floor. You’ll need to play until get the super socket upgrade. Then you can return here, smash the ground on the stage, and plug you Poltergust into the super socket. Tear down the walls for the 4F green gem.


Luigi’s Mansion 3 Luigi and Gooigi get the purple gem from a tube in the 4F Elevator Hall
You’ll need Luigi and Gooigi to get the fifth gem on 4F
Next Level Games/Nintendo via Polygon

We’re going to call the giant brass instrument that you can see when you exit the elevator a tuba. Walk up to the mouthpiece, and blow into it with your Poltergust G-00, and that’ll dislodge the purple gem from the business end.

Become Gooigi, and suck up the floating gem.


4F yellow gem in a popcorn machine in Luigi’s Mansion 3’s ELEVATOR HALL Next Level Games/Nintendo via Polygon

Head left from the elevator, suck up and head past the ghost making waves on the carpet, and use your flash on the popcorn machine. The third time, you’ll get the yellow musical note, which is this floor’s version of gems.

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