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Luigi’s Mansion 3 guide: 11F gems locations

Find every 11F floor gem with our Twisted Suites maps

Luigi stares at the 11F Twisted Suites elevator map in Luigi’s Mansion 3 Next Level Games/Nintendo via Polygon

Luigi’s Mansion 3’s 11F Twisted Suites has six hidden gems shaped like dice. In this guide, we’ll show you their map locations and how to find them all throughout the level.

On every floor, gems appear in the same order from left to right in the menu: clear, red, blue, green, purple, and finally yellow. We’ll follow the same order below.

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Scattered throughout the bathroom are several playing cards with each suit printed on them. As you suck up each one, the lamp at the top of the room will highlight each suit. Once all suits light up, the lamp will open and the clear gem will pop out.


In the north end of room is a spinning, circular wall. Stand off to the side (trust us), and suck air at the wall. The circular wall will spin a few times, and a handful of ghostly blades will strike the board. Keep sucking air, and then even more blades will appear. After they they strike the board, a square pattern of knives will appear on the wall, revealing the red gem.


On the bed in this room, suck up and break the piggy bank there to reveal the blue gem.


On the east side of the room, there’s a panel you can rip off with suction near the vending machine. Flashing the electronics in there will temporarily open up the glass cabinets on both sides of the room, but for only a short time.

To grab the green gem:

  1. Place Gooigi in front of the glass cabinet with the gem on the west side of the room.
  2. Switch to Luigi, and flash the electronics.
  3. Quickly switch back to Gooigi to grab the gem with your vacuum.


As you walk into the hall for the first time, a giant top hat will fall on Luigi. Instead of pressing ZL + ZR to knock it off of yourself, leave it on and walk to the east side of the room where you’ll see a statue of the three ghost magicians, with one of their hats missing.

Stand in front of the statue, hit ZL + ZR, and that hat will land on the magician with the missing hat. This will cause a magical staircase to appear leading you to a chest with the purple gem.


Looking at the mirror in the northeast corner of the room, you’ll see a painting of dice in the opposite corner. Shine your Dark-Light in the southwest corner to reveal the yellow gem hiding in the painting.

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