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Luigi’s Mansion 3 guide: 12F gems locations

Find every 12F floor gem with our maps of The Spectral Catch

Luigi stares at the 12F Spectral Catch elevator in Luigi’s Mansion 3 Next Level Games/Nintendo via Polygon

Luigi’s Mansion 3’s 13F The Spectral Catch has six hidden gems shaped like skull and crossbones. In this guide, we’ll show you their map locations and how to find them all throughout the level.

On every floor, gems appear in the same order from left to right in the menu: clear, red, blue, green, purple, and finally yellow. We’ll follow the same order below.

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Enter the Grotto Lounge from the Elevator Hall, and walk all the way to the southwest side of the room. You’ll see a large skull holding the clear gem. Use your Dark-Light on the contraption below it to reveal a jolly roger flag and a rope. Suck up the knob at the end of the rope to hoist the flag upward, which will knock the gem out of the skull’s mouth.


Luigi stares at a statue of a ghost mermaid on a beach in Luigi’s Mansion 3 Next Level Games/Nintendo via Polygon

At the far west of the beach is a statue of a ghost. Grab nearby coconuts from the two palm trees in the area, and shoot them at the statue until it breaks, revealing a ghost inside. Defeat it to grab the red gem.


After receiving the power up to supercharge your vacuum, suck up the entire ship to clear your path — also the carpet that extends to the far right of the room. Doing so will reveal a dotted path and a big, red X, just like a treasure map. Stand on the X and press ZL + ZR to blast out a burst of air, breaking the floor and revealing the blue gem.


A map of the Beach in 12F Spectral Catch in Luigi’s Mansion 3 Next Level Games/Nintendo via Polygon

When you enter the Beach from the Grotto Lounge, immediately go all the way to the east until you run off screen. From there, you’ll reach the end of the beach but you’ll see a small island ahead of you.

Luigi reveals a purple gem in some sand in Luigi’s Mansion 3 Next Level Games/Nintendo via Polygon

Use your Dark-Light to reveal a bridge that leads you to the small island. On the other side, suck up a bit of sand on the eastern part of this tiny island to reveal the purple gem.

Luigi reveals a green gem in a chest in Luigi’s Mansion 3 Next Level Games/Nintendo via Polygon

After you get that gem, use your Dark-Light again, this time pointing it north, to reveal another bridge to the island with the palm tree. To the right of the palm tree is a hill of sand. Suck it up to reveal a chest that will shoot out loads of money and eventually, the green gem.


In the area where you suck up the entire ship, also suck up the wall that the power outlet is on. Doing so will reveal a pipe for Gooigi.

Take the pipe, which will bring Gooigi behind the reception desk. Sitting on the shelf behind the reception desk is a golden globe. Suck it up and shoot it where Luigi can grab it.

Switch back to Luigi, and walk to the east side of the room where three glass balls are hanging. Shoot the globe at the one hanging farthest back to reveal the yellow gem.

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