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Luigi’s Mansion 3 guide: 15F gems locations

Find every 15F floor gem with our maps of the Master Suite

Luigi stares at the elevator for 15F, the Master Suite in Luigi’s Mansion 3 Next Level Games/Nintendo via Polygon

Luigi’s Mansion 3’s 15F Master Suite has six hidden gems shaped like a King Boo. In this guide, we’ll show you their map locations and how to find them all throughout the level.

On every floor, gems appear in the same order from left to right in the menu: clear, red, blue, green, purple, and finally yellow. We’ll follow the same order below.

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In the southwest corner of the hallway is a rotating statue and a painting of a King Boo. Suction the statue so it spins around until the shadow matches the image of King Boo. It’ll reveal a panel behind it with a painting of Luigi. Spin the statute again until that shadow matches Luigi, which then reveals a shelf with the clear gem.


In the southwest corner of the library there’s a small side room behind the wall. On top of the bookshelf there is a large, yellow book. Suction it up, bring it upstairs, and place it back in its missing spot on the shelf to the right of the key. Doing so will reveal a hidden area where the red gem is.


In the northeast corner of the room, use your vacuum to turn off the shower. Once off, have Gooigi go into the drain. In the sewer, have Gooigi go down the western tunnel. Head into the pipe there to land on the wooden platform with the blue gem.


Luigi and Gooigi stand on tables on next to a lavish carpet in Luigi’s Mansion 3 Next Level Games/Nintendo via Polygon

Have both Luigi and Gooigi stand on the small tables between the couches. Doing so will reveal a panel in the center of the carpet where the gem is. Have one of them suction the green gem, so it pops up so you can grab it.


Gooigi stands on top of an elevator in Luigi’s Mansion 3 Next Level Games/Nintendo via Polygon

On the left side of the massive projector is a pipe for Gooigi. Have Gooigi and walk through the gap in the wall pictured above to drop down and grab the purple gem.


In the Master Bedroom, hit ZL + ZR to reveal all the hidden lasers first. When they’re revealed, you can walk along the edge of the bed on the right side to make your way to the empty mannequin. Shoot a suction at the mannequin, and when you pull on it, the bedroom will transform into a shifting platform.

To move the platform, you will need both Luigi and Gooigi. While the process of shifting the platform left and right can be kind of annoying, we found that placing Luigi in the center works best, while Gooigi runs left and right to swing the platform. As Gooigi, stand on one side to make the platform tilt. When it starts moving, immediately run to the other side to balance it, which gives the platform momentum to move upward.

To get the yellow gem, you need to keep doing this until you reach the top. Then, as Gooigi, walk through the bars to grab the gem.

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