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Luigi’s Mansion 3 guide: 7F gem locations

Find every seventh floor gem with our maps for Garden Suites

Luigi’s Mansion 3 7F gem locations guide Next Level Games/Nintendo via Polygon

Luigi’s Mansion 3’s seventh floor — 7F : Garden Suites — has six hidden, star-shaped gems. In this guide, we’ll show you their map locations and how to find them all throughout the level.

On every floor, gems appear in the same order from left to right in the menu: clear, red, blue, green, purple, and finally yellow. We’ll follow the same order below.


  1. Use your Poltergust to turn on the water in the bathtub.
  2. Shine your Dark-Light on the floor in front of the sinks (closest to the bottom wall) to reveal a hidden grate.
  3. Become Gooigi, and ooze down through the grate.
  4. Shine Gooigi’s Dark-Light on the missing section of pipe along the right wall, sucking up the orbs that appear alongside the pipe.
  5. Use Gooigi’s flash on the flower that appears in the bottom right of the room, and you’ll get the seventh floor's clear gem. (You may not actually need to use your flash, but that’s what we did. It might’ve been coincidence.)


Luigi’s Mansion 3 7F red gem location in Blooming Suite Next Level Games/Nintendo via Polygon
  1. Use Luigi’s plunger on the dresser at the bottom right of the room to reveal a grate.
  2. Become Gooigi, and ooze your way through the grate that appears.
  3. As Gooigi on the top of the bed, use your flash on the flower.
  4. Pick up the seventh floor’s red gem.

7F ??? [BLUE GEM]

This is a tough one, so before we show you the images, let us explain two quick things:

  • That “???” isn’t a typo in the header. It’s literally what the map says where you’re standing when you get the blue gem. You’ll need to be in the atrium (the vertical central area) before that, though.
  • You need the vine rope (pictured second in the gallery below) to swing across the gap onto the gigantic Venus flytrap, but it may disappear after you use it the first time. If you don’t see the rope, you can’t get the blue gem. The only way we got it to appear was by defeating the boss and then heading all the way back up.
  1. Walk all the way up to the topmost level of the 7F atrium. (You’ll actually be able to see the blue gem from where you stand at the top, like in the second image in the gallery above.)
  2. Swing left on the vine onto the gigantic Venus fly trap in the middle. (If the vine isn’t there, defeat the boss and then return. You might be able to respawn the vine if you take the elevator to another floor. If you use the menu to return to the doctor in the basement, it won’t respawn.)
  3. On the Venus fly trap, walk as far to the left as you can without falling off, and then suck with your vacuum to create a bridge path from a curled vine that’s just off of your screen.
  4. Walk across the bridge that you created, and walk up through the hole in the wall hidden behind the ivy (which you might need to suck up first).
  5. Turn right and walk behind the window where the coins are.
  6. Pick up the seventh floor’s blue gem in a little hole in the wall just after the window.


  1. Suck the curtains down from the bed.
  2. Walk past where the curtains once where, and head down the ramp into the room below the room (which we suppose is technically a crawl space).
  3. Use your flash to destroy the strobe flower at the bottom right corner of the room.
  4. Walk to your right, through the mushrooms, about halfway between the front and back of the room.
  5. Use your flash to destroy the Strobe Flower.
  6. Become Gooigi, and ooze through the grate at the top of the room.
  7. Collect the seventh floor’s green gem.


  1. Use the Poltergust to remove the pretty pile of leaves in the bottom left corner of the room (to reveal a grate) and the bathtub (to reveal the purple gem).
  2. Become Gooigi, and ooze your way through the grate in the bottom left corner of the room.
  3. In the room beneath the room, ooze through the grate and travel up through the green pipe in the top right corner.
  4. Collect the purple gem in the bathtub.


The yellow gem is usually the most difficult to get. The seventh floor’s yellow gem is the easiest.

Leave the elevator, and head right into the hallway. Shine your Dark-Light onto the rightmost painting until it upchucks the yellow gem.

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