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One Piece celebration stream promises game, anime, and manga news in July

Adult Swim’s Uzumaki adaptation has been delayed again

One Piece manga will take one-month break ahead of story conclusion

Spy x Family’s Anya is taking over the manga multiverse

The Hunter x Hunter manga may finally be back

Doraemon became a cultural icon by mastering every genre

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It’s Yu-Gi-Oh’s world, and we’re stuck living in it

Yu-Gi-Oh! has become an unintentionally d-d-d-d-dark predictor of our modern times

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My ancient tablet finally let me read manga in peace

Chainsaw Man creator’s new one-shot is available free, for now

Black swords have deep meaning in Demon Slayer and anime beyond

I want Demon Slayer’s buff mice to carry me off into the distance

Jujutsu Kaisen’s first film takes number one spot at Japanese box office

Please cook Luffy’s Meat on the Bone from One Piece for Thanksgiving

Polygon’s 2021 holiday gift guide

Spy x Family anime from WIT, CloverWorks revealed in first trailer

Evangelion creator’s new Kamen Rider movie looks gloriously retro

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 to premiere in January

Junji Ito does Lovecraft better than Lovecraft in Sensor

Chainsaw Man’s creator abandons the gore in his emotionally devastating new manga

Yikes: My Hero Academia’s most hated character might be its first bisexual

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Junji Ito thinks the world has gotten scarier, but not as scary as his manga

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Death Note creators’ new series Platinum End to stream on Crunchyroll this fall

Demon Slayer season 2 trailer offers first look at the Entertainment District Arc

The Kirby manga was doing Kirby memes 25 years ago

The Demon Slayer video game heads West, thanks to Sega

Adult Swim’s Uzumaki miniseries will now premiere in October 2022

The Jujutsu Kaisen manga is going on hiatus due to creator’s health

Berserk manga creator Kentaro Miura dies at 54

Paperback manga has taken over the world

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Break-ups, porn, and bakas: The legend of the Barnes & Noble manga section

What if we kissed in the manga section of Barnes & Noble

Demon Slayer’s first volume is now free to download

The first Sailor Moon movie in decades is coming to Netflix on June 3

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