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Mario Golf: Super Rush Best clubs

Choose the best set of 7 clubs

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Mario Golf: Super Rush allows you to carry seven clubs at once. Carrying more than that will slow you down as you run between holes, and carrying fewer limits your options. With Mario Golf: Super Rush’s array of clubs to choose from, it can be hard to decide what to keep in your bag.

In this Mario Golf: Super Rush guide, we’ll help you pick out the seven best clubs for any course or challenge. We’re not going to go into the specialized clubs for sale at each course — those get their own guide.

Clubs are mostly about distance

The first thing to look at with any club is the distance. This, combined with your power stat, determines the max distance it can send a ball. That means you’re really looking a useful set of distances when picking out your clubs.

Your maximum and minimum distances are obvious:

  • Drivers always give you the most distance. There are options to buy at some courses to give you advantages on spin or in the rain, but they’ll all max out at your maximum distance. The Standard Driver is good, but we like the Super Mushroom Driver for the extra topspin.
  • Putters are for, well, putting. You’ll always have your putter (it’s included in your seven clubs — so you’re really only picking six clubs). There are no special putters to buy.

For everything in between, you’ll be mixing and matching woods, hybrids, irons, and wedges.

  • Woods are just below drivers for distance. There are specialized woods to buy that mostly to deal with wind. We like the Standard 7 Wood (about 86% of the distance of a driver).
  • Hybrids are the upper-middle end of the distance range, falling just below drivers. There are specialzed hybrids to buy that help you with hazards. We like the Standard 4 Hybrid (about 73% as far as a driver).
  • Irons are mid-range clubs that hit a little higher than hybrids or drivers. There are special irons to buy to add spin or ignore weather hazards. We like a medium-distance iron like the Standard 7 Iron (about 67% of a driver’s distance).
  • Wedges are short range clubs that hit pretty high (which is good for getting over obstacles). These are good for short-distance chip shots or to get out of bunkers. We recommend having a couple choices here like the Standard Pitching Wedge (or the Mini Mushroom Pitching Wedge for extra backspin) and the Standard Sand Wedge (or the Pokey Sand Wedge for extra control in bunkers). These work out to 49% and 36% of your max distance, respectively.

This assortment of clubs gives you good coverage of your maximum distance without much overlap. It’s limited on high-trajectory shots (just the iron and wedges get any real height), but with enough spin control, you’ll be able to curve around most obstacles.