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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle super effects guide

What they are and how to use them (and how to get rid of them)

Ubisoft Paris/Ubisoft
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Super effects in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battlebounce, burn, honey, ink, push, freeze, stone and vamp — don’t necessarily change the way you play, but they can sure derail any plans you have with their inconvenient timing. Understanding super effects — both what they do to your enemies and how they can ruin your day — is the key to adapting to them.

Every time you thinkb you’ve got Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle figured out, you’ll discover a new layer you hadn’t encountered or thought about before. When you start World 2 feeling like you’ve mastered combat, your enemies will start using techniques of their own and ruin everything. When you recover and feel like you’ve got that down, they’ll start using weapons with super effects against you. In this guide, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about super effects.

What are super effects?

Super effects are types of damage that go above and beyond straight hit point reduction. They still deal damage, but they might also move you around unwillingly or prevent you from taking certain actions.

You can see what type of effect, how much damage that effect deals and the likelihood of it happening in the weapons section of Battle HQ — the Piranha Pelter has a 30 percent chance of dealing 52 points of damage and inflicting the honey super effect.
Ubisoft Paris/Ubisoft

There are two ways you’ll encounter super effects in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: weapons and explosive cover. Weapons are where you’ll see it the most — certain weapons have the potential to trigger a certain super effect. You can see what type of effect, how much damage that effect deals and the likelihood of it happening in the weapons section of Battle HQ.

This ziggy rabbid is hiding behind a push super effect explosive cover block.
Ubisoft Paris/Ubisoft

Explosive cover will show up on the battlefield. They’re full-cover blocks, which is nice, but when they get hit with an attack — say, if you fire at an enemy that you have zero percent chance of hitting — they explode and trigger the super effect.

Types of super effects

Super effects can be broadly grouped into forced movement effects (push, bounce and burn) and restrictive (or detrimental) effects (vampire, honey, ink, stone and freeze).


Ubisoft Paris/Ubisoft

Push, as you might guess, pushes its target. They move straight away from the source of the damage. It’s not as chaotic as bounce, but it’s still inconvenient and dangerous. Especially when you’re near the edge of the battlefield and can get pushed out of bounds, which removes an extra 30 points of health.


Ubisoft Paris/Ubisoft

Burn creates a fireball that sends everyone effected running around in a circle while they try to put the fire out. (No one in the Mushroom Kingdom learned stop, drop and roll.) Not only does the fire aspect do damage, but it also relocates the victim.


Ubisoft Paris/Ubisoft

Bounce bounces characters around the battlefield (and they usually stop in the worst possible square in our experience). Like push, the added danger of bounce is getting tossed off the battlefield for extra damage.


Vamp(ire) damage is a little different from the other super effects. It drains hit points from the victim and restores them to whoever dealt the damage. For the next turn (as long as the victim is still alive), any hero or enemy that deals damage to someone under the vamp super effect will receive that healing.


The honey super effect sticks the victim’s feet to the ground, which can be super inconvenient when a hero is the target. They can still attack or use techniques, but they can’t move until the effect wears off.


Ubisoft Paris/Ubisoft

Ink blinds its target. They can move and use techniques, but they can’t attack for the next round. (Noticing a theme yet?)


Ubisoft Paris/Ubisoft

Freeze encases the victim’s head in a block of ice. While you’d think it’d be hard to walk like that, the target can still move and attack normally. They can’t use techniques for the next round, though.


Ubisoft Paris/Ubisoft

The stone super effect does it all. When a character gets hit with stone, they can’t move, attack or use techniques for one round. Basically, they lose a turn.

So your head is frozen in a block of ice, now what?

Ubisoft Paris/Ubisoft

You’ve got two options when you get hit with a super effect. You can either just wait it out for one round, or you can use a cleansing jump. Cleansing jump is a relatively cheap (10 power orbs) skill that every hero has in their skill tree. When a hero with this skill performs a team jump with another hero, all super effects are cleared from the other hero (but not the hero doing the jumping).

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