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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle guide: How to beat challenges with the skill tree

Challenge 2-6 (Chomp and Circumstance)

We noticed something weird when we started playing Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’s challenges: They were way harder than they were supposed to be. It seemed like we shouldn’t be struggling with something labeled “easy,” and yet there we were, dying. We figured that we were probably doing something wrong.

We were, and we’re happy to report that we know what. This guide video is the result of many, many hours of playing, testing and experimenting.

As we wrote in our skill tree guide, you can reset your skills back to zero without penalty. There, inside of Battle HQ, you can — and should — customize your abilities so that they’re perfectly suited for any challenge.

In short, if you’re having trouble with a challenge, you should consider nuking your skill tree and rebuilding your characters so that they’re prepared for what’s directly ahead of them. In the video above, we use challenge 2-6, Chomp and Circumstance, to illustrate our point and show you how it’s done.

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