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Mark of the Ninja: Remastered walkthrough 2. Breaching the Perimeter

Collectibles, scrolls, seals and Voice of the Hisomu

Klei Entertainment

With the introductory stage behind you and your basic skills now learned, its time to get down to the business of being a ninja in Mark of the Ninja: Remastered’s second stage, “Breaching the Perimeter.”


Reach the Transformer in Under a Minute

Securing this seal requires you to pass through a short segment of the stage in less than a minute, with the timer starting only once you are first alerted to the optional objective. Any time spent exploring the stage up until that point doesn’t count.

Klei Entertainment via Polygon
Klei Entertainment via Polygon

Not far into the stage, you will receive an objective: “Destroy the Transformer.” The seal’s objective is also mentioned, and the invisible timer begins ticking away. You need to move quickly to the right now, which you can do most efficiently by grappling along several high points through the heavily guarded area. Make your way toward the upper right, and you’ll reach a wide rooftop area with an ominous statue in the background.

Klei Entertainment via Polygon
Klei Entertainment via Polygon

If you reached that point in less than a minute, you’ll activate the seal even before you can access the actual room that contains the transformer. Then you can take your time passing through the vent in the floor and descending to the room where the transformer is located.

Reach the Top of the Tower Without Being Detected

A little over halfway through the stage, as you ascend to the 15th floor of the large tower, you are assigned the “Scale the Skyscraper” objective. The optional seal objective is referenced alongside the mandatory main one, which means that from that point through to the very end of the stage, you need to avoid allowing enemies to spot you and sound the alarm.

Klei Entertainment via Polygon
Klei Entertainment via Polygon

If an enemy does catch sight of you, it’s not necessarily the end of the world so long as you act quickly and move in for the kill. However, you’re better off playing things safe. Let the guard that spotted you kill you, and then you can typically resume your ascent from the last checkpoint you accessed.

Destroy at Least 20 Lights

This seal is in play as the stage begins, but there’s no rush to complete it. As you proceed through the stage, you will periodically encounter unshielded lights. You can throw your dart to break them, which creates a loud noise and distracts or attracts nearby guards.

Klei Entertainment via Polygon
Klei Entertainment via Polygon

Rather than breaking lights as you go along, take time to explore each new area you encounter. Eliminate any guards that may lie in wait. Then you can backtrack and shatter lights without worrying that your vandalism will raise the alarm.

Most areas are lit by two or three lights, so you shouldn’t run out of ideal targets before completing the stage. The game keeps track of lights you break as you progress. You receive an update to your current tally each time you destroy an additional fixture.

Voice of the Hisomu

Scroll 1

Klei Entertainment via Polygon
Klei Entertainment via Polygon

Not far into the stage, after tossing a dart to disable a security panel on the opposite side of some dangling, sparking wires, you access an area called the Steam Tunnels. A short distance to the right from the area entrance, which is announced on-screen in bold text, you can grapple to the ceiling to access a vent. Pass through that vent and ascend through a narrow corridor to reach a small chamber principally occupied by a large gong, which you should ring to enter a challenge room.

Klei Entertainment via Polygon

Take the following steps to clear the challenge room:

  1. Press the button to activate the panel on the wall, which disables the laser beams to the left but produces a new beam near the top of the room.
  2. Head left along the floor level, crossing over the pressure plate as you do. Notice that standing on the plate causes a horizontal gate to open along the room’s upper level. For now, proceed to the room’s left wall and start climbing it.
  3. As you near the top of that wall, jump to the right and cross over to a crate positioned near the room’s upper right side.
  4. Pull the crate a short distance left, so it rests on the horizontal gate that the pressure plate on the lower level affects.
  5. Return to the lower level and stand on the pressure plate to cause the horizontal plate to open. The crate you positioned on that plate now drops to the lower level.
  6. Push the crate toward the left, until it comes to rest at the base of the left vertical shaft (not quite against the far left wall).
  7. Head back to the right and activate the panel on the wall near the room’s entrance again, which reactivates lasers on the lower level and deactivates the beam near the top of the challenge room.
  8. Since the crate now blocks the laser beams to the left, you can climb up to the higher level, then ascend to a small alcove and collect the scroll.

Scroll 2

Klei Entertainment via Polygon
Klei Entertainment via Polygon

After you access the “Get Inside the Security Tower” objective, proceed toward the right near ground level. Dispatch any guards you encounter along the way, until you reach a high wall you can scale near the right side of the area.

Climb up toward the top, so that you’re almost to the 15h floor, then jump left to backtrack along a high rooftop. Continue left and drop down to eliminate a guard on a lower rooftop to the left, then keep moving in that direction to find the scroll resting on a pedestal.

Scroll 3

Klei Entertainment via Polygon
Klei Entertainment via Polygon

Just shy of the end of the stage, venture to the left side of the tower’s highest interior floor. You should see a balcony looking off toward the left, and above it a grappling point and a vent opening. Grapple up to the vent and crawl through it to access a short vertical shaft.

At the top of that shaft, there’s a wider area with a very low ceiling where you will find the scroll. The chamber is positioned not far to the lower left from the yellow swatch of light on the rooftop, where the stage concludes.

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