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Mark of the Ninja: Remastered walkthrough 5. The Fall of Hessian Tower

Collectibles, scrolls, seals and Voice of the Hisomu

Mark of the Ninja The Fall of Hessian Tower collectibles guide walkthrough Klei Entertainment via Polygon

Your efforts in the previous Mark of the Ninja: Remastered stage have secured you entry to the infamous Hessian Tower as “The Fall of Hessian Tower” begins, but you have a lot of work cut out for you if you mean to beat your target to the top of the building.


Terrify a Guard by Hanging Another From a Grappling Point

Once you progress around a third of the way through the stage, you receive the Intercept Karajan Before He Gets Away objective. The objective appears as you enter a large room with a few staircases and some potted plants.

As guards start to wander into the room at their leader’s behest, you should find a safe place to hide. The pot on the upper right platform works beautifully. Stay there until a guard approaches, then kill him. His corpse becomes your tool to acquire the seal. You can aim at the nearby grappling point and toss the corpse there (if you have purchased the Grim Harbinger technique), so that it hangs from it as if from gallows.

Next, all you have to do is wait behind your shelter again. There are other soldiers patrolling the room, and one or more of them will head back toward the place where you have left the corpse on conspicuous display. As soon as a soldier sees what your wrath hath wrought, he’ll go a bit berserk and the seal is yours.

Reach the End Without Breaking Any Lights

This is one of the easiest seals you’ll obtain in the game. All you must do is refrain from breaking any lights as you sneak and slay your way up the tower. In uncommon circumstances, an altercation might cause a light to break and you should resume from the previous checkpoint, but otherwise you can claim this seal simply by not throwing darts toward any light fixtures.

Kill Kelly Without Raising the Alarm

Kelly isn’t the target you had in mind when you entered the tower, but he’ll do in a pinch. The trick is to kill him without letting him spot you in time to do anything about your presence.

The battle with Kelly takes place at the conclusion of the stage, and can’t be missed. As you enter the area where the fight takes place, you’ll see Kelly patrolling back and forth. There are vents on the walls at the sides of the arena, and snipers on the left and right balconies. They are guarding switches you need to pull. At the top of the room, there is a wide platform that is held in place by strong wires. It appears to provide power to the room.

To defeat Kelly, you need to climb up along the left wall, then head out on the balcony and take out the sniper. Flip the lever he was guarding. Then continue climbing. You can cross along the top center of the room simply by using the handholds to pass under two lasers that move back and forth. In this manner, you can cross to the right side of the upper room.

On the right side, drop down and kill the other sniper and pull the lever. Then return to the top center of the room and drop down onto the platform, which should now be accessible. There are four wires here, so slow down time and toss darts at two of them. Then swing the camera down to see where Kelly is positioned. Let him move so he is under the center of the platform. Then slow time and toss your darts to break the last two. The metal ledge will drop in a hurry and almost crush Kelly. As he starts to rise, not quite dead just yet, make sure to finish the job with a quick sword stroke to claim the seal.

Voice of the Hisomu

Scroll #1

As you climb the tower, you’ll pass through a first few rooms and then the Pursue Karajan objective appears on-screen. You are in a large room at that point, and you should head immediately toward the right. Continue through the next hallway, eliminating any resistance you must, and then emerge in another large room with several sensors pointed toward the floor. Crawl on the ceiling above them, then grapple to a point near the right side of that area. Eliminate the guard who should be patrolling below, then drop down to his level and roll through a vent to your right to find a challenge room.

To clear the challenge room, complete the following steps:

  1. Hop across the gap immediately to your right and then climb up onto the crate. From there, hop up to the ceiling and crawl toward the right until you reach nearly the far right side. Toss a dart straight down to destroy the fuse box and disable the laser immediately below you.
  2. Head back left and push the crate toward the right, so that it rests on the gate positioned directly below a light near the top of the screen.
  3. Go left from where the crate is positioned and stand on a pressure plate, which opens the gate and causes the crate to fall to the room’s middle level.
  4. Climb down the wall to the right that previously was inaccessible due to a laser, and wrap around the bottom side of the platform so you can crawl along the handholds and press a switch that causes the laser below you to switch so that it now fires from the room’s left side and is blocked by the crate you caused to drop a moment ago.
  5. Return to the right and hop up so that you are hanging from the platform above the switch you just pressed a bit ago, then press it again to change which side of the room emits the laser.
  6. Climb up to the top of the room and wrap around to the left side, then descend the wall along that side.

  1. As you hang near the base of that wall, look toward the right to see a fuse box that is resting beneath the platform where the crate is currently positioned.
  2. Throw a dart from your current vantage point and disable that switch, which opens a horizontal gate.
  3. Climb up to the platform where the crate is positioned. Hop over it and then drop down through the opening to the right, but not to the floor. You want to climb along the handholds leading to the right, where you should flip a switch.
  4. Return again to the platform where the crate is positioned. Pull it toward the right, off the pressure plate, so that it rests on the horizontal gate.
  5. Now stand on the pressure plate to cause the crate to fall through the opening and to land on the room’s lowest level.
  6. Head to the right. Leaving the pressure plate where you were standing causes the gate to open, and you can drop down to the lowest level with the crate.
  7. Push the crate left toward the laser beam that is firing from that direction. Stop pushing the crate when it comes to rest on the left pressure plate, which causes the laser to disappear.
  8. Where the laser just vanished, you’ll find the scroll sitting on a pedestal.

Scroll #2

After clearing the room where you can terrorize a guard or two by hanging a corpse from a grappling point, you’ll proceed to the right a few screens and then emerge from the building for a brief look outside. Climb up the side of the building and there is a vantage point where you can change your gear. Then it’s time to head left and back inside. Past the elevator shaft to the left, you’ll find a room with several lasers. Head to the upper level, grapple toward the point to your lower left (so that you pass between a vertical laser and one that sweeps back and forth) and then hop up to the higher ledge again so that you are now positioned to the left of the stationary vertical laser. To your left, there is a horizontal laser that moves up and down, with two grappling points positioned above it. Grapple to the left of those points and, as the laser descends toward its lowest point, dangle from the grapple point and grab the scroll.

Scroll #3

Although this scroll is out in the open, it’s surprisingly easy to miss. After you acquire the second scroll, continue through the stage. You’ll head outside again (this time on the tower’s left side) before resuming your interior exploration. Soon, you are presented with the Assassinate Corporal Kelly objective. Eliminate enemies in the vicinity and proceed toward the right, using a vent in the floor to pass into a new room and emerge from the floor just to the right of where two guards are standing around talking. Grapple up toward a higher ledge, eliminate the armored guard who walks left and right along it, then grapple to the upper right. You’ll land on a ledge near the top center of the room. Jump up and through the vent, and look to the left where lasers are scanning. There is a pedestal positioned between two pots, and a scroll rests on it. The pedestal and scroll blend in almost perfectly with the background, but they do exist. Use the pots as shelter to get close enough to grab your prize.

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