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Marvel Snap Spotlight Cache schedule for February 2024

Grab Supergiant, Cull Obsidian, Corvus Glaive, and Proxima Midnight during the Black Order season

The Black Order stands in front of a planet silhouette in key art for the February 2024 Marvel Snap season caches. Image: Second Dinner/Marvel Entertainment

Spotlight Caches are your way of getting new cards in Marvel Snap. Every week, three cards are cycle into the rotation, including new ones. For the February 2024 season, formally called Black Order, Marvel Snap’s Spotlight Cache schedule features Supergiant, Cull Obsidian, Corvus Glaive, and Proxima Midnight.

Here’s the Marvel Snap Spotlight Cache schedule for February 2024, detailing what new cards you can get each week.

Marvel Snap February 2024 Spotlight Cache schedule

At a glance, here’s the Spotlight Cache schedule for February 2024 in Marvel Snap:

  • Feb. 6: Supergiant (new card), Darkhawk, Zabu
  • Feb. 13: Cull Obsidian (new card), Nimrod, Thanos
  • Feb. 20: Corvus Glaive (new card), Gladiator, X-23
  • Feb. 27: Proxima Midnight (new card), MODOK, Daken

The February 2024 season pass card is Black Swan, a 3-cost, 5-power card. (Black Swan launched with incorrect stat lines, so you may see it as a 2-cost, 3-power.) Black Swan has an on-reveal power that makes your 1-cost cards cost 0 through the end of the next turn. As with all season pass cards you can’t get Black Swan from Spotlight Caches.

Below, read on for details about the cost, power, and abilities for every card in the February 2024 Spotlight Cache rotation, so you can plan out when you want to bank or spend your Spotlight Keys this month. For those who already have these cards, we’ve also included imagery of the variants you can receive in each Spotlight Cache.

Spotlight Cache, Feb. 6, 2024

Supergiant, series 5, new card. 4-cost, 5-power. On reveal ability: All cards played next turn don’t reveal until the end of the game.

Darkhawk, series 4. 4-cost, 0-power. Ongoing ability: +2 power for each card in your opponent’s deck.

Zabu, series 4: 2-cost, 2-power. Ongoing ability: Your 4-cost cards cost 1 less.

Spotlight Cache, Feb. 13, 2024

Cull Obsidian, series 5, new card. 4-cost, 10-power. You can only play this card at a location where you have a 1-cost card.

Nimrod, series 4: 5-cost, 6-power. When this card is destroyed, add a copy of it to each location.

Thanos, series 5: 6-cost, 10-power. At the start of the game, shuffle the six Infinity Stones into your deck.

Spotlight Cache, Feb. 20, 2024

Corvus Glaive, series 5, new card. 3-cost, 5-power. On reveal ability: Discard two cards to get +1 max energy.

Gladiator, series 5. 3-cost, 8-power. On reveal ability: Add a card from your opponent’s deck to this location and, if it has less power than Gladiator, destroy it.

X-23, series 5. 1-cost, 2-power. When this card is destroyed, it regenerates at a random location and gives you +1 energy next turn.

Spotlight Cache, Feb. 27, 2024

Proxima Midnight, series 5, new card. 4-cost, 6-power. When this card is discarded, it jumps to your location with the least power (that isn’t full).

MODOK, series 4. 5-cost, 8-power. On reveal ability: Discard your entire hand.

Daken, series 4. 3-cost, 4-power. On reveal ability: Add the Muramasa Shard (a 1-cost, 1-power that doubles Daken’s power when discarded or destroyed) to your hand.

How to open Spotlight Caches in Marvel Snap

You can open Spotlight Caches with Spotlight Keys, a reward you receive every 120 collection levels. Each week, the Spotlight Cache features three cards and one mystery variant. Opening a cache will grant you one of those four cards at random. If you unlock a card you already have, you’ll instead get a rare variant for that card.

Opening Spotlight Caches, then, is a matter of decision-making and resource conservation. If you only want only one of the available cards, you have a 25% chance of your Spotlight Key going to use — probably not worth it (unless you really, really want that card). If you’re eyeing all three cards, however, then you have a 75% chance of getting something you want.

Marvel Snap Spotlight Cache History

Here’s a list of all Marvel Snap cards that have been included in previous spotlight caches, so you can get a sense of how long it’s been since X-23 (or whatever card you’re looking for) has been in rotation.

Jan. 31: Beta Ray Bill (new card), Galactus, Elsa Bloodstone
Jan. 24: Grand Master (new card), Loki, Hit Monkey
Jan. 16: Miek (new card), Annihilus, Phoenix Force
Jan. 9: Hercules (new card), Werewolf by Night, Howard the Duck
Jan. 2: Caiera (new card), High Evolutionary, Nebula
Dec. 26, 2023: Selene (new card), Iron Lad, Black Knight
Dec. 19, 2023: Havok (new card), Nico Minoru, Legion
Dec. 12, 2023: Blob (new card), The Living Tribunal, Ravonna Renslayer
Dec. 5, 2023: Man-Thing, Stegron, Jeff the Baby Land Shark
Nov. 28, 2023: Martyr (new card), Jean Grey, Spider-Man 2099
Nov. 21, 2023: Annilihus (new card), Daken, X-23
Nov. 14, 2023: Gladiator (new card), Mirage, Loki
Nov. 7, 2023: Alioth, Knull, Negasonic Teenage Warhead
Oct. 31, 2023: Werewolf by Night (new card), Silk, Ghost Spider
Oct. 24, 2023: Nico Minoru (new card), Kitty Pryde, Phoenix Force
Oct. 17, 2023: Black Knight (new card), Stature, Modok
Oct. 10, 2023: Man-Thing (new card), Silver Samurai, Lady Deathstrike
Oct. 3, 2023: Thanos, X-23, Echo
Sept. 26, 2023: Mobius M. Mobius (new card), High Evolutionary, Kang the Conquerer
Sept. 19, 2023: Ravonna Renslayer (new card), Jean Grey, Zabu
Sept. 12, 2023: Alioth (new card), Snowguard, Hit Monkey
Sept. 5, 2023: Jeff the Baby Land Shark, Ghost Spider, Knull
Aug. 28, 2023: Silver Samurai (new card), Kitty Pryde, Spider-Man 2099
Aug. 21, 2023: X-23 (new card), Nebula, Silk
Aug. 14, 2023: Lady Deathstrike (new card), Modok, Stature
Aug. 7, 2023: Galactus, Nimrod, Spider-Ham

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