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Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: Turian Ark: Not Dead Yet and Turian salvage side mission walkthroughs

People will find you to ask for help even on uncharted planets.

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

After you rescue the scientists on Havarl, one of the most tantalizing side missions you’ll be offered is a clue about turians being spotted on the planet. You can pick up the first mission by talking to Assistant Torvar in the main camp, and the second by talking to the people you meet during the course of the first mission (Mass Effect: Andromeda is side missions all the way down). The first is an allies and relationships mission and the second is an additional tasks mission, but we’re just going to call them both side missions for brevity.

Turian ark: Not dead yet

  1. Find the turian encampment. It’s a quick trip to where the turians were spotted, but the walls around Havarl’s settlement make it frustrating — get around this by moving at right angles. Walk straight out until you’re north of the marker on your map, turn right, then head south. You’ll know you found it when the shooting starts.
  2. Defend the turians from the roekaar and speak with the turian leader. Wipe out the roekaar rebels and then talk to the turian survivors.

Turian Salvage

One of the turians that you just rescued has another mission for you to handle. It’s a bit of a pain and requires a lot of running around, but it will earn you 29 AVP points, 270 XP and a pile of salvage that you can sell for cash.

  1. Tag Natanus debris for removal on Havarl. This mission is exactly what it says on the tin. Check your map and watch your HUD to find the debris. You’ll have to fight your way through wildlife, rebels and remnants, but there are no difficult battles.

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