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Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: A Dying Planet Heleus assignment mission walkthrough

The lost monolith and everything you have to do to find it.

As lush and beautiful as Havarl is, things are not exactly going well. One of the scientists you rescued from the monolith earlier has some bad news. “A Dying Planet” is another lengthy side mission with lots of fighting, but you’ll be saving a planet, so it’s (arguably) worth the time.

  1. Find the entrance to Mithrava, the sanctuary. The first thing you’ve got to do is find the sages at Mithrava — which is at the top of a remnant ruin. Head straight east from the main camp, down into the river below, then turn right. Take the river all the way to the end to find the door. This isn’t the actual door, though. Keep following your HUD until you come to a locked door, then activate your scanner and follow the yellow conduit to a console that will unlock the door.
  2. Reach the top of Mithrava. You’ve got a bit of a climb ahead of you. You’ve got to maneuver your way through some rings that are all the same size — making climbing them a challenge. Try aiming for a side — jump out toward the middle and turn 90° to grab the ledge. Two gravity well rides later, you’ll find yourself on the roof, but not yet to the “top.”
  3. After the second gravity well, go out the door and walk forward to the edge of the building. Turn left and follow the balcony. Drop down and turn left again. You’ll have to fight your way through some remnants, but keep working forward until you run out of balcony.
  4. Activate you scanner to find a nearby console. This will raise some nearby pillars for you to climb. Climb the pillars next to the console first, then turn around and look across the balcony at the main building. A running leap will carry you over to some more pillars.
  5. Keep climbing up and turn to the right. Follow the building around to the gap that clearly looks like it should have a bridge. Use the console on the left of the gap to build that bridge.
  6. Cross the bridge and keep following the balcony around to the left. Fight off the remnant waiting for you, then climb the wall in front of you, then turn around. Shoot some more remnant bots and jump across.
  7. Follow the wall around to the right and climb the pillars on your right. Use the console on the left to build another bridge, and climb the pillars on the other side. Keep climbing up the wall, then turn right. You’ll soon come to a door.
  8. Go inside and use the gravity well to finally reach the top of Mithrava.

The sages at the top of Mithrava will not be overly helpful, but will introduce you to the angaran concept of reincarnation. They’ll also inform you that there’s one guy who, in a previous life, might have known something to help you. Oh yeah, and he’s the leader of the roekaar rebels, so he’ll be super happy to see you.

  1. Go to the location Esmus mentioned. Fast travel down from the top of Mithrava to one of the forward stations on the ground. Check your map for the direction you should travel. Fight your way through the wildlife, roekaar and remnants to the location on your map. Head down the ramp and through the door.
  2. Locate Zorai’s heirloom. Take the gravity well down into the remnant abyss. Everything that follows is a very difficult fight. You can do it, but don’t expect it to be a cakewalk.
  3. When you get to the bottom of the gravity well, ignore your HUD marker and walk straight forward and through the door. (This is your respawn point if/when you die.) Use the console in the next room to open the doors on your left and right. Your goal is to the right, but before you can go, you’ll be attacked by remnant bots from your left. Handle them, then head to the right.
  4. Continue through the door and follow the hallway around to the left. You’ll have another big fight with some more remnant bots. Follow the hall around to the left again and down the ramp.
  5. The door at the bottom will open and you’ll find yourself facing a new type of remnant bot (and a few of his lackeys). The destroyer is big and mean and has some serious firepower. And you have to deal with its buddies while trying not to get shot up. This is not a fun fight.

The remnant destroyer

  • Take out the other, non-destroyer bots as fast as you can.
  • Use the pillars and cover provided to stay out of the destroyer’s line of fire, but be careful — the destroyer can eventually destroy the small barriers.
  • Target the turrets on either side of its torso. You’re not going to make it through the fight if you shoot for center mass — you just don’t have the firepower.
  • Keep moving. The destroyer doesn’t stand still and neither should you.
  • Even when you’ve removed the turrets, don’t let your guard down. It’s got a chest cannon, but it telegraphs the attack. When you see the chest opening, get moving.

Locate Zorai’s heirloom

  1. Head for the door on the far side of the room from where you entered. Continue along the hallway and up the ramps. There are more remnant bots to take out at the end of the hall.
  2. (This step is optional.) There’s a remnant console in an alcove over on the right side of the room. It’ll activate some platforms on the pillar in the center of the room. Climb them to find two containers with valuable loot inside.
  3. Open the door and examine the ancient remains to find the heirloom.

Go to Taavos’ roekaar camp

  1. For all of the steps of this section, insert “fight your way through the roekaar waiting for you” before (and/or after) the instructions we give.
  2. Backtrack your way out of the remnant ruins and head for the marker on your map.
  3. Wait for the roekaar to extend the bridge across the chasm (and fight them). Cross the bridge and work your way up the tower on the other side.
  4. Head down the tunnel and through the door to discover the ancient courtyard. Hit the forward station if you want to change anything about your gear or your squad, then keep pushing on.
  5. About halfway across the courtyard, a shuttle will drop in a team of roekaar. (See step 1 above.)
  6. The front door to the camp is pretty heavily guarded and very well covered by snipers. Try coming at it from the sides (we chose left).
  7. Continue up the stairs and just keep shooting until people stop shooting back.
  8. Follow your HUD to find Taavos and talk to him.

Accompany Taavos to the monolith

  1. Follow the marker on your HUD back into the chasm. Take it all the way to the opposite end (in the opposite direction as Mishrava).
  2. Climb up on the left side to find Taavos. (If you can’t talk to him, look around for any aggressive animals that might be tricking the game into thinking you’re still in combat.)
  3. Follow Taavos through the ruins. Just keep following him. You can wander around and look for containers and stuff to scan, but there’s no way to hurry him up.
  4. Talk to Taavos some more, then continue toward the monolith controls.
  5. Take the gravity well down, then use the console. That’s it. No fighting and no puzzles this time.

Find and activate Havarl’s vault

  1. Follow your HUD to the vault location. (You’ll have to backtrack a little and get outside before you can fast travel).
  2. When you get to the marker, head down the ramp and go through the door. Take the gravity well down and activate the console, then fight off the remnant bots that appear.
  3. There are four consoles that you have to activate to get the door open. The part you’re not told is that they have to be activated in a certain order. Look at the pillars with the lights on top that rise out of the ground near the consoles. There’s one pillar next to the first console you need to activate, two next to the second, and so on.
  4. This will open the door to the vault controls.
  5. Check on the opposite side of the room for a second remnant console and sudoku. Full disclosure: We have no idea what this does, but it did earn us two extra skill points.
  6. Activate the purification console controls and run.
  7. Ignore the remnant bots as best you can and return to the last room you were in. Make your way up to the balcony and activate the console. This will stop the purification field and make the remnant bots friendly to you (and earn you a bunch of XP and AVP).
  8. Return to Kiiran Dals. Head back outside and fast travel to the marker on your map to talk to Kiiran Dals and finish out this mission.

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