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Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: Peebee’s loyalty missions

All my exes live on the Nexus

Peebee’s loyalty missions in Mass Effect: Andromeda start soon after she joins your crew, and the early ones are easy enough. As they progress, they become galaxy-spanning errands with some really tough fights. You can handle the first couple as soon as they come up, but we recommend saving the rest until you’re a much higher level — above 20 or so. (We did the last mission around level 30, but we prefer to be overpowered.)

Also, we refuse to apologize for that description up above.

Peebee’s Secret Project

  1. Check your email from Peebee. Shortly after Peebee joins your crew, you’ll get an email from her titled “Rem-Tech.” In it, she’ll ask you to go get her a piece of remnant technology on Voeld (and helpfully gives you to location to find it).
  2. Recover the rem-tech from the remnant site on Voeld. Travel to the marked location to pick up the rem-tech. You’ll need to scan for a glyph nearby, but this one is just on the other side of a nearby wall, and you only need to find the one. Solve the sudoku to complete the task.
  3. Speak with Peebee in the Tempest escape pod. When you speak with Peebee again, she still won’t give up any information on her project, but she’ll invite you to visit her apartment on the Nexus.
  4. Meet with Peebee in her Nexus apartment. Peebee will introduce you to Zap, your new controllable remnant observer (it’s a tech skill you can spend points on), and you’ll meet Peebee’s problematic ex, Kalinda. The next step says that it’s on hold, but it’s going to stay that way — just ignore it. The mission will fall out of your queue eventually.

Peebee: The Museum Trip

  1. Read email from Peebee. This one’s titled “Ay-ay-Aya!”
  2. Talk with Peebee at the museum on Aya. That’s all there is to it — just talk to her. She’s drunk in the museum, but no one seems to mind, so just roll with it.
There’s nothing to write about for this mission, so here’s a GIF of Peebee drunk in the museum.

Peebee: Remnant Scanner

This chunk of Peebee’s loyalty mission(s) involves a lot of planet-hopping and errand-running. We’re going to break them down by planet.


  1. Read email from Peebee. We’re going to skip over these super obvious parts.
  2. Speak to Peebee on the Tempest.
  3. Go to remnant ruins on Eos. Just follow your marker. If you’ve explored a lot of Eos, there’s a forward station nearby you can warp to.
  4. Recover rem-tech piece on Eos. There’s no puzzle here. Just pick it up. The complication comes soon after, though, when a bunch of outlaws show up — fight them off. The next trick is getting off the island. Look to the right of where you arrived for a console that controls a gravity well. Turn it on and it’ll carry you back to shore.


  1. Go to remnant ruins on Havarl. You can’t drive on Havarl, so you’re stuck hoofing it. Look for the nearest forward station and head north. You’ll probably have to fight your way through some local wildlife and remnant bots on your way.
  2. You’ve been in these ruins before — find the pavilion and head down the ramp. Inside, take the gravity well down.
  3. We had a weird glitch here — the events didn’t trigger correctly, and then the game didn’t recognize that we’d collected the rem-tech later. We ran around a lot before we gave up and reloaded the game. You’ll be able to tell if things are going correctly as soon as you get to bottom of the gravity well. If you get shot at, you’re OK. There should be remnant bots waiting for you. If there’s not, try reloading. Good luck.
  4. Your goal is directly ahead of you, but you have to take one of the side passages to get there. Take one of the doors on the side, then follow the hall around to the big room where you previously fought a destroyer.
  5. Again, there should be remnant bots waiting for you here. If there aren’t, something’s wrong, and you have to reload.
  6. Recover rem-tech piece on Havarl. You may notice a lot of dead folks around — there’s nothing you can do about or with them, so just ignore them for now. Head for the bridge on the opposite side of the room from the glowing force field door. Open the door to the closet, talk to the outlaw inside and grab the rem-tech.
  7. If the game refuses to recognize that you’ve collected the tech, reload and come back to this room.

We stressed the whole reloading thing a lot in those steps, but that’s just because it’s really frustrating when the game doesn’t recognize that you’ve accomplished what it asked you to do. If you run into the same problem we did, one restart will get you sorted out — we mentioned reloading several times to make sure you could tell if things were going correctly or not.


  1. Go to remnant ruins on Kadara. It’s a pretty quick drive from Haarfel. No, there’s no quicker way to get out of town — you have to use the elevator, then walk across the garage and through the checkpoint.
  2. Defeat the outlaws. You’ve been beaten to the ruins this time, so clear out the outlaws.
  3. Search the Kadara site for rem-tech piece. It’s not in the ruins themselves, but next to some crates near where you (probably) parked. Also, the tech’s been stolen. You’ll get an audio log telling you to come buy it from the outlaws in Kadara Port.
  4. Meet Peebee in Kadara Port to acquire rem-tech piece from outlaw krogan. Get back to the town and find Peebee in the bar. Things don’t go as planned.
  5. Peebee’s missions are on hold now until she gets a lead on Poc’s location — mostly you just have to focus on a different mission for a minute or travel to a different planet to trigger the next mission.

Reclaiming Poc

The steps in this mission are all pretty straightforward, so we won’t add much. Just be aware that this will go much quicker if you’ve already visited Elaaden — it’s not necessary, but it’ll save on some cutscenes and exploring.

  1. Check your email from Peebee. This one’s titled “Got a lead!”
  2. Meet Peebee in the Kadara bar.
  3. Go to the location on Elaaden. It’s marked on your map (we hadn’t been to Elaaden before, so the map isn’t filled in all the way). It’s way off to the southwest.
  4. Search the site. There’s not much searching to be done, honestly. Just walk inside.
  5. Talk to the scavenger.
  6. Speak to Peebee on the Tempest. After this step, the missions will be on hold again. Go knock out another side mission and travel a little. Peebee will ask to talk to you when she’s ready.

Peebee: A Mysterious Remnant Signal

There are a lot of steps to this mission and it’s going to take you a lot of time — it’s nearly thirty minutes of action — but a lot of the steps boil down to “walk to the thing” or “shoot the thing,” so it’s not as complex as it looks. We’ll list the steps and only add notes when things get weird.

  1. Speak to Peebee in the Tempest’s escape pod.
  2. Go to Pas-10 in the Inalaara system. You’ll have to play along with Peebee’s non-traditional landing plans.
  3. Pursue the source of the remnant signal.
  4. Find a way through the remnant gateway. Use your scanner to find the console that’s trapped in the nearby rock, then shoot the rock.
  5. Explore the cavern depths.
  6. Seek a method to open the gateway. There’s a console near the pillar in the middle of the room that will produce a friendly observer to help you.
  7. Use the remnant console to open the gateway.
  8. Reach and explore the surface.
  9. Eliminate all hostile remnant forces. Hint: Shoot them with bullets.
  10. Use the remnant console to open the gateway.
  11. Continue navigating through the ridge.
  12. Find a way to extend the remnant antenna.
  13. Survive the remnant assault. Hint: Shoot them with bullets.
  14. Cross the bridge gap and continue to track the signal source.
  15. Scan the boulder blocking the way to find a way through.
  16. Find and use the remnant console to summon an allied observer. Before you do this step, head off to the left — all the way to the cliff’s edge — and hack the turret. This will come in handy in a minute. The console for the observer is buried inside another boulder. Use your scanner and gun to uncover it.
  17. Eliminate the remnant threat. “Threat” is putting it mildly. It’s another destroyer and a bunch of lackeys. Avoid the destroyer at first (just keep running) and take out the lackeys. Then fight the destroyer the same way you did before — shoot the turrets off of it’s shoulders, then unload everything you have into its chest.
  18. Scan the boulder fissure to enlist your allied remnant observer.
  19. Continue toward the remnant signal. You’ll have to fight your way through Kalinda’s outlaws. Hint: Shoot them with bullets.
  20. Pursue Kalinda toward the source of the remnant signal.
  21. Defeat Krannit and his thugs. Hint: Shoot them with bullets.
  22. Find an alternate route to the remnant signal. There’s a console off to the left of where you came in. Call a friendly observer and let him help you through.
  23. Before you reach the signal source, you’ll have another big firefight. There are two consoles in here — on the left and right sides of where you come in — that will let you call a couple observers to help you out. And you’re going to be thankful for the help. There aren’t a lot of tactics here — it’s just a bunch of bad guys that you have to shoot. Keep an eye out for the ammo and health crates and use them.
  24. Reach the signal source.
  25. Defeat Kalinda’s forces.
  26. Extend the remnant bridge to reach Kalinda.
  27. Intercept Kalinda. As this mission reaches its climax, you’ll get a quick time event that gives you the option to shoot Kalinda — if you do, you’ll get the rem-tech, but if you let Peebee save her, you’ll get a present from her and she’ll show up at the end of the game.
  28. Reach Kalinda’s escape shuttle! Hint: Run.

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