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Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: Cora’s loyalty missions

Cora the explorer

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Cora’s loyalty missions become available after you’ve established the outpost on Eos. These missions are relatively straightforward — you only visit three planets (as opposed to Peebee’s nine) — but they’ll still take up a lot of time. The first mission is easy enough to take on at any level, but the second one involves a lot of fighting against a lot of kett, so it might be best to save for later levels (20 or more).

Cora: Asari Ark

  • Read email from Cora.
  • Speak with Cora on the Tempest.
  • Take Cora to speak with Hydaria on Eos. You have to choose Cora as a part of your squad during the loadout or you can’t talk to Hydaria. She’s not automatically added, so you have to do it yourself. Hydaria is in the second building behind the Tempest’s parking spot — next to the research center.
  • Go to Voeld to track the Periphona’s signal.
  • Find the Periphona. Spoiler: It’s not there, but you get a few new spots to check out.
  • Find the source of the Periophona’s signal.
  • Find the Periphona’s transponder. One of the locations marked on your map (obviously the last one you check) will have a transponder from the ark. Hint: It’s the one farthest east on your map. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you’re attacked by kett.
  • Fight them off and look around for the ark’s transponder.

This mission will be on hold after this (just like Peebee’s were). You just have to tick off steps from another mission or travel around a little, and you’ll get a new email (and a new mission) from Cora — this mission is complete at this point.

Cora: At Duty’s Edge

  • Read email from Cora.
  • Speak to Cora on the Tempest. Are you noticing a pattern yet?
  • Search the Valay system for Ark Leusinia. When you arrive, there’s an anomaly off to the upper right of the system. Probe it and you’ll find the ark.
  • Dock with Ark Leusinia.
  • Reach the bridge. Just follow your HUD to the bridge. You’ll have to talk your way in through a screen to the right of the final door, but the captain will eventually let you in.
  • Ride the tram to Hangar Control.
  • Look for asari commandos in Hangar Control. Hint: She’s the one next to the HUD marker.
  • Activate hangar door override. You just have to hit the button on the marked console, but it’s going to a while to actually activate. You have to defend your position from a whole lot of kett.
  • Eliminate the remaining kett. After the doors open, you’ll still have more kett to deal with.
  • Speak to Vederia.
  • Go below decks through the living quarters. Just keep following your HUD marker. When you reach what feels like a dead end, turn right — away from your destination — to go through a side room. (We wasted a bunch of time trying to find a way through instead of just thinking to go around.) After that, keep following your HUD. Right before you reach your destination, you’ll get jumped by a couple of wraiths.
  • Secure Fire Control. More kett, more shooting.
  • Reactivate the fire suppression system.
  • Scan for a way to reroute power to the fire suppression system. Just use your scanner to follow the power conduit under your feet.
  • Meet Vederia.
  • Scan the mass effect field device.
  • Disconnect power cables (3/3). After you disconnect each cable, you’ll have to fight of a (tough) wave of kett.
  • Eliminate the kett on the Observation Deck. There are a lot of kett.
  • Disable the mass effect field device.
  • Get to deck twelve. Conveniently, deck 12 is right next door.
  • Repel the kett attack on deck twelve. Once again, there are a lot of kett. The final wave includes the Valiant him(?)self — fight him just like you fought the Cardinal and the Ascendant before: Shoot the orb, then shoot him.
  • Get the Leusinia to safety.

Right after you escape the kett, you’ll be faced with a decision about how to handle the asari Pathfinder. We won’t tell you what to do — that’s between you and your Ryder headcanon. Your decision only effects which asari shows up to help you during the end of the game.

At the end of this mission, you will complete Cora’s loyalty mission, but there are a couple additional Cora-centric missions that will come up. They’re optional, but we’ll talk about them anyway.

Cora: Duty Calls

If you’re playing as Scott, you’ll get an email from Cora when you return to the Tempest asking you to come see her. She’ll come up with some flimsy excuse to get you alone in your quarters, and you’ll have the option to pursue her romantically.

If you’re playing as Sara, you’ll just get a nice thank you email.

Cora: A Foundation

We’re not really going to add anything here — this is just a nice coda to Cora’s story.

  • Read email from Cora. This one is called “Inspiration.”
  • Speak to Cora on the Tempest.
  • Go to Eos with Cora. Once again, you have to make sure you include Cora in your squad when you disembark on Eos, then head to the marker on your HUD.