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Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: Drack’s loyalty missions

Baby got Drack (Elaaden face with the Onaon booty)

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

After Drack joins your crew (and starts sending you grandpa-type emails), he’ll tell you about a guy back on the Nexus named Spender. He lied to the krogan during the uprising and now’s he’s being a problem for Kesh (who we are on record as being a fan of). Drack has some suspicions about him, but can’t prove anything yet.

At this point, you should be noticing a theme in loyalty missions — they involve a lot of planets and a lot of time. And this one is no different — it’s over an hour long from beginning to end, depending on how much you get distracted or how much trouble you have in the fights. This is another mission that starts simple enough, but ends with a huge firefight. Again, we recommend being over level 20 before finishing off these missions.

Nakmor Drack: Krogan Betrayal

  • Find Spender on the Nexus. Just follow your HUD. You’ll find Spender being a jerk in the docking bay. Then you can talk to the salarian he was being a jerk to, Del Jasin.
  • Talk to Kesh about Spender. Follow your HUD and talk to Kesh. In fact, the next few steps are all just “Follow your HUD, and talk to the person.” We’ll see you on the other side.
  • Speak with Kandros.
  • Review Nexus security footage.
  • Confront Spender about security footage.
  • Investigate Spender’s Kadara connection. Follow your HUD across Kadara to the west. You may have a good forward station to cut down on travel time if you’ve explored more of Kadara than we had.
  • Defeat the exiles. There’s a lot of them, but their weakness is bullets.
  • Search the hideout for clues. There’s a datapad on the top floor. And, of course, it points you back to the Nexus.
  • Search for a scrabler in Spender’s room. There’s plenty to find in Spender’s room, but your scanner is useless here. The thing you’re looking for is behind the TV on the right side.
  • Talk to the comms officer.
  • Speak to Drack on the Tempest

A Future for Our People

Drack’s next mission has you traveling to Elaaden. You’ll save yourself some time on cutscenes and exposition if you’ve visited the planet first outside of this mission.

  • Speak with Hark at the greenhouse. Follow your HUD, but be patient — the krogan settlement on Elaaden is a baffling rat’s nest of a settlement. Inside the settlement’s first door, bear right to find the main door, then down the stairs on your left. Take the next two rights down small flights of stairs, and continue along the hall to find the greenhouse.
  • After your conversation, you’ll head straight into the mission, so make sure you’re ready to fight. Everything from here on is pretty much just shooting.
  • Reach the krogan transport. Hint: Use bullets.
  • Once you’re inside, get to the end of the hallway and go up the stairs. Go to the right and climb up the junk there. Drop through the grating ahead of you, and turn right.
  • Keep shooting your way through the pirates as you move toward your HUD marker. You’ll eventually come to a hallway blocked by debris. Drack will help you out.
  • After you hop your way across some grating, you’ll come to a room with more pirates. Shoot them. Exit through the door on the left side of the room and climb the stairs.
  • Shoot some more pirates. The exit is on the left side again. Go out and climb some more stairs.
  • Rescue Vorn. There are a couple more pirates to shoot, but then you can rescue the botanist.
  • Secure the krogan transport. This is a huge fight. When you start out, stick to the sides of the platform (we went left because there are ammo crates over there). After this wave of pirates is handled, take the elevator up.
  • After a few waves of pirates, the final wave will show up. This one includes two hydra mech suits. The secret to these seems to be shooting them in the red eye-things in the middle of the chest, and then just unloading on them.
  • Release the docking clamps. It doesn’t quite go as planned, but it all works out in the end. How you decide to handle things doesn’t really effect the outcome (of the mission or the game), so you just have to make the call based on your own Ryder rules of conduct.
  • You’ll earn Drack’s loyalty after this step, but the mission isn’t over. There’re still a few things to handle.

There’s nothing to add here. Just go to the places marked, and play out the scenes.

  • Return to Nexus Control.
  • Review evidence against Spender.
  • Speak with Drack on the Nexus.
  • Deal with Spender.

Knock ‘em Down

Drack’s coda starts with an email about getting a couple drinks on Kadara. We’re not going to say anything about this mission here, but just go do it. Trust us.

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