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Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: Vetra’s loyalty mission

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vetra, honey

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Vetra’s loyalty mission is far less complex than some of the other loyalty missions — you only have to go to one planet, and only have to do one thing. It’s not as long as the others, and the fights are much more manageable. We have no idea why Vetra got shorted, but we’re just thankful it didn’t take an hour and half to finish.

Means and Ends

  • Read Vetra’s message.
  • Go to Vetra on the Tempest.
  • Go to H-047c in the Remav system. You aren’t required to take to Vetra along with you when you land on the broken planet, but it sure makes more sense, you know, since this is her mission.
  • Find the abandoned mine. Things are not going well in the Remav system, but the low gravity makes playing out your space-based Dukes of Hazard fantasies much easier. Just watch out for the canyons — you have to find one of the nearby bridges to cross these.
  • Explore the facility. There’s not actually anything to do with this step. It’s just a cutscene.
  • Find a way out of Meriweather’s prison. Head downstairs to find the way out. Scan the door, then scan the generator next to the stairs.
  • Search upstairs for a way to connect the generator to the door. Hint: it’s the pile of cables on the floor.
  • Activate the door.
  • Accompany colonists to the storage room. Get everyone inside the room marked on your map, and the doors will close. You can hide as the guards pass. (If the game glitches, and the door never closes, you can just fight the guards head-on.)
  • Check security cam footage.
  • Deal with guards. Deal with them with bullets.
  • Speak to Galloway.

Each of these rooms goes the same way — reload and restock ammo in a room, check a security cam, pick a thing to blow up, go inside, fight some bad guys and then do it again. We’ll leave the choices to you — they all end up the same way.

  • Head to the mess hall.
  • Use security cam to find an advantage.
  • Deal with the outlaws in the mess hall.
  • Get to the menagerie.
  • Kill the fiend. This step is a little tricky if you haven’t faced fiends before or if you’re not a high enough level (over 20 or so). Fiends are bullet sponges, aggressive and deal a lot of damage when they get their mitts on you. They have weak points on their backs — the bits not covered by plates — but you can shoot them all over. Keep moving, use a consumable or two and unload any special attacks you have available. We believe in you.
  • Get to the workshop.
  • Use the workshop’s security cam. We vote to disable the hydra armor here because those things are a pain.
  • Deal with the workshop guards.
  • Move forward through the rest of the facility.
  • Deal with security and guards. Watch out for the turrets especially, they’ll ruin your day.
  • Quick tip: Save your game manually before leaving this room. We ran into a weird glitch that locked us in the next room with no way out and had to fall back on an autosave from a few minutes prior. Just in case you run into the same problem, a manual save here will save you some trouble.
  • Get to Sid. Watch for the quick time event during the conversation.
  • Kill Meriweather and her guards. Hint: Use bullets. There are only a couple of waves of bad guys here, and there aren’t any mech suits involved — it’s a much easier fight than the other loyalty missions.
  • Talk to Sid.

A Moment Planetside

You’ll get a coda mission for Vetra shortly after you finish “Means and Ends.” There’s not much to it, but it is on Kadara, so you have to deal with the mechanics of navigating Kadara Port — so maybe save it for a time you’re on the planet anyway.