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Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: Frequency additional task walkthrough

It’s busywork, but you’ll spend forever looking without a map.

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, while driving around on Voeld, you’ll pick up a weird signal. (You might also bump into a scientist looking for help with their research that will point you in the right direction.) It’s a pretty innocuous side mission that will earn you 270 XP, but if you spend too long looking, the payoff isn’t worth the time. We’re here to speed up that process.

You’re tasked with looking for the source of a communication interference, and it’s shockingly difficult to find.

Here’s a map to save you from 15 minutes of driving in circles.

The interference is coming from a meteorite. Oh yeah, it’s driving the local wildlife crazy. You’ll have to fight your way through eight or so adhi before you can investigate the rock. Try shooting them with bullets. After you investigate, you’ll have to fight off another eight. These also have a weakness to bullets.

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