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Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: Jaal loyalty missions

Jaal ’n’ the family

Once you’ve won over the Moshae and the angaran Resistance — by completing “Helping Havarl’s Scientists” and/or “Stage a Rescue” — Jaal will offer you a new mission called “Friend of Foe?” Jaal’s loyalty missions are relatively straightforward — there’s not a lot of planet-hopping, but there is a lot of fighting.

Friend or Foe?

The first chunk of this mission is traveling and talking, so we’re going to dump a bunch of steps in together.

  • Speak to Jaal on the Tempest.
  • Find Thaldyr on Havarl.
  • Defeat the kett. There are a few chosen that attack outside. Shoot them with bullets.
  • Enter Thaldyr’s home.
  • Speak to Thaldyr. Your HUD is going to go into search-for-clues mode when you get inside. Here’s a hint: She’s the angaran laying on the table marked with the talk-to-Thaldyr icon.
  • Check your email.
  • Speak to the Moshae on Aya. It’s a bit of a pain to find her — she’s behind a small door inside the museum.
  • Access the vidcon on the Tempest.
  • Travel to Prodromos.
  • Speak to Bradley.
  • Investigate Blackrock Tande. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you start getting shot.
  • Defeat the roekaar.
  • Investigate the roekaar camp. You’re looking for a console over on the right side of the camp.
  • Go to Site 2: Resilience. You can’t fast travel directly there, so pick one of the nearby forward stations and drive.
  • Deploy the beacon. Climb up to the roof and access the satellite dish. This will call in some roekaar.
  • Defeat the roekaar. You’re in a pretty good position for sniping on the roof, but you’re also very exposed. Use the elevation to your advantage while you can, but don’t stay up here too long. Take the fight to the ground and finish them off.
  • Go to Site 1: Promise. If you fast travel to Site 1, be ready to move as soon as you hit the ground — you’ll get dropped right in the crossfire and you’ll die if you stand still for too long. You might be better off driving up there to start the fight on your own terms.
  • Defeat the roekaar. There are a bunch of them and they are spread out all over the settlement and, oh yeah, they have a hydra mechsuit.
  • Return to Bradley in Prodromos.
  • Wait for Akksul to make his next move. This step will go on hold at the end of the mission, but this mission is officially over. Go find something to do until you get an email from Jaal. (We got the email immediately, so maybe head to the Tempest and see what happens.)

Flesh and Blood

  • Read email from Jaal.
  • Speak to Jaal on the Tempest.
  • Meet Jaal’s Resistance contact on Havarl.
  • Board the shuttle.
  • Enter the clearing. You’ve got a marked destination on your HUD, but all of the buildings in the clearing have datapads and terminals to examine (and some containers with loot). Take a couple minutes and collect everything not nailed down before you head to the marker.
  • Defeat the roekaar. Use bullets.
  • Search for signs of Jaal’s family. After the roekaar are defeated, you’ll get a new HUD marker. Head for it to find the locked door (and the next step in the mission).
  • Return power to the door. The next three steps are all pretty simple. Just pull up your scanner, follow the power cable, and push the button.
  • Scan the generator.
  • Activate the generator.
  • Cross the ravine. Blowing up the bridge is really more of an inconvenience than impediment. Drop down to the ledge and jump across the ravine. You’ll just have to take the long way around now.
  • Climb past the roekaar. There are a few waves of roekaar to fight your way past. Just use the ammo and health crates when you see them, and keep an eye out for sharpshooters.
  • At the top of your climb, you’ll find Jaal’s brother and sister. It doesn’t go great.
  • Find the bombs. There’s not a lot of nuance here — shoot the bad guys and disarm the bombs. Focus on the bombs as much as you can since they’re on a timer, but clear out as many roekaar as is convenient during the process. Not getting shot at makes defusing the bombs much easier.
  • Disarm bombs before detonation.
  • Eliminate the roekaar. Everything after the bombs is a cutscene. A quick time event will pop up toward the end. Normally, this is where we say that the decision you make is up to you, but this time it’s pretty clear — do not shoot Akksul. He’s a lousy shot and he’s going to (mostly) miss Jaal anyway. Shooting him empowers the roekaar and makes them more aggressive on the Initiative worlds for the rest of the game. If you let the scene play out, the roekaar disband and everyone lives happily ever after.

Runs in the Family

Jaal’s coda mission will come immediately after you wrap up the events of “Flesh and Blood.” It’s entertaining — if a little awkward — but it’s got a nice ending.

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