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Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: The Journey to Meridian priority op walkthrough

In which you’ll fight kett, remnant and the kitchen sink

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Against the wishes of the Nexus leadership, it’s time to head for the remnant installation of Meridian. Happily, there are no big puzzles this time. Unhappily, it’s basically one long, nonstop fight.

The first few steps of this mission involve a lot of standing around tables and talking, so we’ll skip over those.

  • Speak to the leaders on the Nexus.
  • Discuss your options with the other Pathfinders.
  • Integrate Ghost Storm technology with Tempest to help other Pathfinders. This one is actually a little confusing if you’re not paying careful attention to your HUD marker. You do not use the usual research station on the Tempest to do this — there’s a special research station off to the left specifically for the Ghost Storm technology.
  • Gather the crew in the Tempest’s meeting room to prepare for the mission.
  • Go to Khi Tasira in the Civki System.
  • Survey the drop zone. After your superhero landing, surveying the drop zone really just entails walking forward until you realize you need a bridge.
  • Turn around and there’s a remnant console up the ramp and on your left (to the right when you’re facing your destination). Use it to create the bridge, then continue along.
  • Go through the door, then interact with the console at the end of the hallway. After the cutscene, turn around and take the gravity well down.
  • When you get to the bottom, walk straight forward to the door ahead of you, and go through it.
  • This is where you first run into the kett. There’s a bunch of them, so take your time.
  • Look to the left and right for balconies. There’s two reasons to watch for these — they’re high ground (both for your enemies and for you) and they have ammo crates.
  • And then the remnant show up.
  • Fight through the bots and the second wave of kett.
  • When you hit the flaming debris, turn right.
  • Climb the ramp, then turn left.
  • Drop into the overgrown area and get ready for a fight.
  • As you continue forward, you’ll get jumped by a fiend and a few wraiths. Just be careful as you dodge during the fight — there are channels of that electrical remnant fluid that will drain your shields if you don’t watch where you’re going.
  • Be patient after you handle the fiend — there are more kett coming.
  • Climb up the ramp on the left side of the room where you fought the fiend, and fight your way through the waves of kett that come at you.
  • Follow the building around to the left, then take the bridge across to the next building.
  • Keep working your way forward, and drop into the next area that looks like a great place for a big fight. Surprisingly, there’s no fight here, though (yet). Go through the door on the far side, down the hallway and through the next door as well.
  • Clear the kett out of the next room, then work your way up the ramps to the back of the room.
  • Interact with the console to open the door.
  • Access the tower in the research sector.
  • Activate the tower in the research sector. Use the console inside, and watch the cutscene for some revelations about the angarans.
  • Start retracing your steps back to that area that looked like it’d be perfect for a big fight. Guess what!
  • You’ll have to face some wraiths, a few chosen, an anointed and an ascendant. Use the cover to protect yourself from the ascendant while you handle the lackeys, then turn your attention on him.
  • Keep retracing your steps to the overgrown area, then turn right.
  • Use the console to create a bridge and keep running forward through the door ahead of you.
  • Take out the turret, the kett and the remnant bots you meet there.
  • Keep heading forward toward the scourge you see in front of you, and follow the walkways around to the right. (Just watch for the scourge because it’ll drain your shields and damage you.)
  • Follow the ramps down into the area filled with scourge and debris.
  • Make your way forward slowly — you’re about to be jumped by a bunch of remnant bots. And there’s a turret at the end of the room.
  • When you reach the door, check to the left and right for ammo and health crates, then use the console to open the door.
  • Access the tower in the exploration sector. Go down the hall and through the next door. There’s lots of tempting power conduits to follow here, but ignore them for now. Head all the way to the back to the console.
  • Reroute power to the main console. The hologram on top of the console is your hint, but it’s kind of hard to see. You can trace the power conduit from there to the four other consoles you need to activate, or you can just read the next bullet point.
  • Turn right from the console and head to the side of the room. Use the first console, then cross straight across the room and use the first console on the other side. Head back across the room and use the second console on the right. Cross back across the room and use the final console to reroute the power. (Check the glyphs in the gallery above for the correct order.)
  • Activate the tower in the exploration sector.
  • After you activate the tower, you’ll have to fight through several more remnant bots — including a destroyer.
  • Retrace your steps out of the room, and activate the turret on the other side of the door — there are only a couple observers in your way, but every little bit helps.
  • Use the bridge controls ahead of you to create a bridge that almost gets you to the next area.
  • Keep working forward and drop into the next area. Turn to the left and go through the door there.
  • Follow the fiend and the kett across the bridge to the left.
  • Keep your distance. There’s a lot of kett and remnant bots ahead of you — including a fiend and a destroyer. Pick your fights here — if you rush in, you’ll get overwhelmed. Try to let the two sides weaken each other before you go in to finish them off.
  • And again, keep an eye on the balconies.
  • Don’t rely on the fighting to knock out the fiend or the destroyer — it won’t. They’re still going to be waiting for you. Your job is to make sure you don’t end up taking them both on at the same time.
  • Just keep fighting your way through the remnant bots as you keep heading for your destination.
  • Go through the door ahead of you, and take the gravity well down.
  • Enter Meridian’s central command. Go through the next door as well, and climb the ramp on the sides of the room.
  • Interface with the command hub.
  • Eliminate the Archon’s Sword and the kett forces. After the various cutscenes, you’ll have to fight off the Archon’s Sword and his lackeys. Don’t focus on any one of them for too long — the rest will work your way around the room and flank you. The best way to avoid this is to keep moving — use cover where you can find it, but don’t stay in one place for too long.
  • Just be patient in this fight. There’s a lot of kett to get through — including yet another fiend. Don’t rush it or you’ll end up in a bad position. Just keep working your way through the bad guys. We believe in you.

The next level of puzzles.

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