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Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: Meridian: The Way Home walkthrough

We’re all Pathfinders

Well, this is it. It’s time to fulfill your role as Pathfinder and kick the Archon in the teeth. You’ve spent a lot of time in the Andromeda galaxy getting ready for this moment. The choices you made leading up to this moment will play out in who shows up to help you during this fight. And, just like the last time you were at Meridian, it’s a gigantic and non-stop fight.

  • Talk to Suvi. Thankfully, you don’t have to do the read-an-email-then-talk dance this time.
  • Scourge cluster probed for data. You’ll need to send out three probes. The first is in the Civki system (where Meridian is), the second is in Vaalon and the final one is in Hefena.
  • Before you get to the next step, you have to examine the scourge data at a new single-use terminal on the bridge. It’s the terminal right behind Kallo.
  • Speak to crew about Scourge research. Mostly you just have to talk to Suvi.
  • Return to Remnant city in Civki system.
  • This is your point of no return in the main storyline. You’re still free to return to the Andromeda galaxy and it’s side missions after you finish the main story.
  • It’s a good idea to take a minute to make sure you’ve picked out all your favorite gear (and gotten the color scheme just right), leveled up yourself and your squad and checked the store (or research station) one last time.
  • When you get dropped off in Meridian — much less dramatically this time — head straight forward to find the door inside.
  • As soon as you walk up the ramp (on either side of the room), you’ll meet your first remnant bots. Fight your way through them.
  • Climb the remnant pillars in the middle of the room for an easy-to-miss container.
  • Head out the doors at the back of the room.
  • Reach control center and reveal Meridian. Use the console in the middle of the room.
  • It doesn’t go well.
  • Struggle to reach door.
  • The action shifts to the other twin back on the Hyperion — we were playing as Sara, so here we played as Scott.
  • Get a weapon. Keep heading forward and follow your HUD marker.
  • Fight to communications. You’re stuck as the non-Pathfinder Ryder twin with a found pistol, so don’t rush this. Stay in cover and don’t be a hero. You’ll face two chosen in the first room you come to. After you handle them, climb the stairs and go through the door.
  • Head along the hallway, and hit the ammo and health crates on the left side. The next room has two more chosen to fight, but you also meet up with Captain Dunn.
  • Continue into the next room and turn right. Get behind some cover and check out the situation. There are several more kett at the far end of the hallway, including an anointed and a destined.
  • Once again, don’t be a hero. Just run across the hall and through the door.
  • Reach maintenance access. Follow the hallway and your HUD to communications.
  • Send signal to restore Pathfinder’s implant.
  • It doesn’t go well.
  • You’re back as your preferred twin, but SAM is missing.
  • Interface to open door. It’ll take a few tries, but you can do it. Keep heading forward and use the gravity well to return to where the Tempest landed.
  • Rally your team at the Tempest. After some inspiring words and realizing you can activate the remnant to defend Meridian, it’s time to take the fight to the Archon (again).
  • Go to bridge to launch. This will be another point of no return, but there’s not a lot you can do here. You can’t travel anywhere else, but you can double check your loadout.
  • Somehow face the Archon’s fleet. After some more talking and some more really fancy flying from Kallo, the fight moves to the ground. Well, to the inside of Meridian.
  • Chase the Archon in the Nomad. There’s no subtlety here — you’re in a valley and there’s only one way to go. Just keep driving until you can’t anymore.
  • Defeat kett guarding the entrance. You’ll have to fight your way through a few waves of kett. Move forward slowly so you don’t get surrounded. Watch the edges (and explore each area you move into) to find ammo and health crates.
  • Enter Meridian Control.
  • Fight to reach the Archon. As you continue into the building, you’ll run into more kett. Just keep moving slowly forward.
  • Defeat defending enemies.
  • Push farther into Meridian Control. When you reach the end of the hallway, turn right. You’ll come to another big kett fight. There are just a ton of kett here. Use the cover as best you can, and watch your flanks — the kett will try to move up the ramps on the side and surround you. During the third wave of kett, some remnant will show up. Just keep shooting.
  • When all of the enemies are defeated, head toward you HUD marker.
  • After you pass the first pillar, use the console on your left to create a bridge. Cross it and turn right. Go past the next pillar and use the console on the right side to repeat the process.
  • Fight past the kett ascendant. This is another huge fight. You’ve got a lot of kett lackeys to deal with, along with another ascendant. Use the cover to stay away from the ascendant while you handle the underlings, then turn all your attention (and firepower) on the ascendant.
  • Before you finish him off, another wave of underlings will show up. Stop your fight with the ascendant to handle them.
  • Push farther into Meridian Control. Climb the ramp to continue along your path. There are much-needed health and ammo crates at the top of the ramp.
  • After another cutscene, head through the door at the end of the hall.
  • Defeat kett guarding the gravity well. There are a few chosen, two anointed, two destined and a fiend. Just stick with the slow-and-steady approach — don’t rush the fight, and work forward slowly.
  • And then a remnant destroyer shows up.
  • After everything stops shooting at you, hit the ammo and health crates, then head to the middle of the room to find the gravity well.
  • Enter gravity well.
  • Reach the heart of Meridian Control. There’s no fighting for this part — your twin is fighting the Archon for control and is guiding you along the way. You’re going to take a winding path, but your job is to just watch for opening or open door and go through them. You’ll take a right, a left, a right, and then go straight to the gravity well that will carry you closer.
  • There’s a long walkway you have to run along before you get to your destination. Toward the end, watch for ammo and health crates, then go through the door to face the Archon.
  • Eliminate kett protecting the Archon. We’re running out of ways to say “this is a big fight.” There’s a lot of tough kett. You’re going to be shooting a lot. Stay in cover, don’t rush in, and keep an eye out for ammo boxes (you’re definitely going to need those ammo boxes).
  • Kill all remnant and reach relay. After another cutscene, you’ll get a new destination on your HUD. Don’t go rushing for it, though. Work your way toward it while staying near cover. When the remnant materialize, take them out, then start moving forward slowly again.
  • There are just so many remnant to fight here.
  • Defend until Scott exposes interface. You’ll be facing both regular remnant bots and an architect while you defend the console. Don’t get to focused on either or you’ll get caught off guard. Just keep shooting, and visit the ammo and health crate behind you often.
  • Interface to disrupt the Archon’s control.
  • Kill all remnant and reach relay. Another destination will pop up on your HUD. Work your way toward it slowly, taking out remnant as you go.
  • Watch for the red distortion that means that the architect is going to attack and just calmly move out of its way. It’s a devastating attack, but you get plenty of warning.
  • Keep to the right side of the room and watch for a console. Use it to create a bridge across the remnant death-fluid.
  • Work your way across the room slowly. There are a lot more remnant coming and it’s really, really easy to get surrounded and outnumbered if you’re sprinting. Move methodically from cover to cover.
  • Defend while Scott bridges chasm. When you run out of road and have to defend for a bit, stick near the health and ammo crates. There’re just so many remnant coming. And you have to shoot the architect some more.
  • Kill all remnant and reach relay. Once your twin raises the pillars to get you close to the relay, there’s another new batch of remnant bots to kill. Just keep working your way forward. We believe in you.
  • Defend until Scott exposes interface. While you’re waiting, you’ll have to shoot the architect in the face some more.
  • Interface to disrupt the Archon’s control.
  • Kill all remnant and reach relay. You should have this figured out by now. More running, more shooting.
  • Interface to take Meridian from the Archon.
  • Everything from here on is cutscene. Sit back and enjoy the show.

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