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Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: H-047c, ‘From the Dust’ and ‘The Remnant Tiller’ walkthroughs


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When you get back to the Tempest after interrogating Vehn Terev on Kadara, you’ll have a meeting with your crew. Everyone will pitch ideas, but Peebee will bring up the Remav system. H-047c in the Remav system was supposed to be the turian homeworld in the Andromeda system. The Scourge, however, ruined that plan(et). Just because the planet is trashed, though, doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do in the system. Vetra’s loyalty mission finishes here, the turian ark’s final resting place is here, and there’s some interesting outlaw activity. This guide will focus on the outlaws.

From the Dust

The start to "From the Dust" is just finding one of the mining domes — you won’t have an actual mission to follow yet. Drive around on H-047c (recreating some Dukes of Hazzard jumps in the low gravity) until you see one of the orange mining domes. The one we started with is straight west from the Tempest’s landing zone.

  • Drive into the dome’s airlock, and clear out the Outlaws you find inside. (And pick up all the minerals just laying around.)
  • Check the main building for a datapad. This is where you’ll pick up the "From the Dust" mission.
  • Find code snippets. You found your first snippet on the datapad you just picked up. You’ll need to find two more.
  • Each dome follows the same pattern: Get inside, shoot all the bad guys, find the datapad, then get out. We’re not going to discuss each of the domes here because they’re all straightforward enough to handle on your own. But know that there are a lot of bad guys to shoot. And some hydra mechs.
  • Make sure to top off your ammo at every ammo crate you see because, we don’t know if we mentioned this, there are a lot of bad guys to shoot in these domes.
  • Locate the Outlaw headquarters. Now you’ve got the location marked on your map, you can just follow the marker to the headquarters.
  • Enter the headquarters.
  • Clear the headquarters. This dome is laid out a little differently than the others. There’s actually two connected domes to clear. And a lot of bad guys to shoot.
  • Discover Krex’s plans. Krex’s plans are all about helium-3, which, it turns out, is exactly what the Initiative needs to fuel their ships.
  • Picking up that last datapad will start the next mission, but you’ve still got to get out of the headquarters. There are (surprise, surprise) a lot more bad guys to shoot on the way out.
  • As soon as you pass back through into the first dome, you’re going to be surrounded by enemies (and a turret). Try to stick close to or inside the airlock for cover while you get your bearings.

The Remnant Tiller

  • Find the remnant conservatory. It’s to the southwest of the Outlaw headquarters. It’s under another mining dome. It’s got the same ramp-door-gravity well setup as everywhere else.
  • Explore the remnant conservatory. The first room has a couple remnant bots to clear out. Shoot them with bullets.
  • An observer needs to unlock this door. There’s a console off the the right side (if you’re facing the door) that will summon a friendly observer to unlock the door for you. Scan the console to get the observer to open the door.
  • Now that you’re in the main chamber, you can see your destination, but you can’t get there yet. And this vault is super confusing to navigate.
  • After you defeat the remnant bots in the main room between the four force fields, turn right. There’s a safe force field and ammo crate in the back right corner.
  • Continue down the narrow hallway to your left. Take out the remnants you find on your right.
  • Turn to the right again and into the hallway. Use the console in front of you.
  • Turn around and go back to where you fought the remnant bots. Head to the right to find another ammo crate, a friendly observer and a console.
  • Scan the console to get the observer to help.
  • This opens two doors on the walls next to you. Behind each door is another console and a remnant light-on-a-pillar. You have to activate the one with one light first, then the one with two lights.
  • Head back to the first room, and turn right. Use the console to the left (it’s right outside of the force field) to open the door. Skirt the force field and go down the hall.
  • Take the next left and cross the bridge. Shoot the bots you find there.
  • Continue straight, and turn right at the next intersection. Use the console on your right to open the door ahead of you.
  • Go down the hall. Watch for some more bots on your left.
  • Keep going straight forward, and pass through the first force field. Pick up the ammo on the left, and then use the console on your right.
  • Skirt around the next force field as well, and go through the door.
  • Turn right, and take out the remnant bots you find there. There’s a destroyer, so be careful. Reminder: Take out the turrets on the left and right side of its torso first, then just unload into its chest.
  • Head straight forward to find the tiller’s console.
  • Activate the tiller. There’s a simple remnant puzzle to solve. The solution is at the end of the gallery above.
  • You’ve just supplied fuel to the Initiative for years to come.
  • The way out is much easier — the bridges are active now, so you can just walk straight out.

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