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Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: Remove the Heart Heleus assignment walkthrough

Shoot a lot of kett and save an insane AI (that’s a lot less likable than GLaDOS)

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

These three Heleus assignment missions on Voeld all lead into one another — and the first one is barely a mission. The first of these missions, "Meet the Family," will come up after you have completed "Stage a Rescue" during "A Trail of Hope." When you talk to the freed angarans, one will ask you to take a data drive to Buxil in Techiix.

Meet the Family

During "Stage a Rescue," Niilj will ask for some help delivering some stolen kett data to Buxil in a nearby settlement.

  • Deliver data drive to Buxil in Techiix. That’s all there is to this mission. Follow your map to Techiix, then follow your HUD to Buxil.

Remove the Heart

  • Observe kett base. (This step is optional.) There’s another kett base to the northeast of Techiix. When you finish this mission, Buxil will remind you about it — it’s where "Uncovering the Past" starts.
  • Investigate the kett base. The actual first step of this mission is at the kett base to the south of Techiix — it’s in a cave. You’ll have to take a narrow path on a mountain to get there.
  • You’ll have to shoot your way in. Mostly chosen and wraiths with a couple anointed and a destined as well.
  • Disable kett base shield. It’s the console right next to the shield. The kett aren’t exactly masters of base design.
  • Investigate the kett base. In the next room, you’ll have to shoot your way past the another anointed and a wraith. Climb the rocks, then turn right.
  • Follow the tunnel all the way up until it turns left. Take cover at the top and shoot the chosen waiting for you there.
  • Keep heading forward. You’ll have to stick close to the space heaters to keep your life support running as you shoot your way through some more kett.
  • At the top of the hill, turn left and keep climbing toward the base. Start up the ramp and turn right. Shoot your way through a lot of kett.
  • Turn left and head into the next building. Watch for the turret on the roof on your left.
  • Head to the left to the building with the stairs.
  • Disable the kett generators. Inside, you’ll get jumped by some kett, but you’ll also find the first of three kett generators you have to disable. Just follow your HUD to all three. You’ll have to shoot a lot more kett to get to them.
  • Disabling the third generator will point you to your next waypoint.
  • Destroy the kett security terminal. There’s a lot more kett between you and the terminal. Use your bullets. Then interact with the console to sabotage it.
  • Access the outpost core. It’s on the other side of the outpost and there’s a bunch of kett to shoot on your way.
  • Reach the hangar bay. Drop through the floor and shoot all the kett waiting for you.
  • Turn to the right, and keep heading down. Keep shooting kett. The hangar is behind the big doors.
  • Destroy all three hangar platforms. Each of the consoles require you to find a nearby terminal to unlock it. You have to do this three times. And keep shooting the kett.
  • Eliminate the Prefect. The Prefect is like the other ascendant you’ve fought — shoot the orb to drop the shield, then shoot his face.
  • Clear out remaining defenders. Keep shooting kett. After there’re no more to shoot, just follow your HUD.
  • Access elevator to zenith room.
  • Disable the outpost.
  • Return to Buxil. Luckily, she’s just waiting upstairs for you. She’ll remind you of the first (optional) base you visited.

Uncovering the Past

  • Investigate ice cave. Follow your HUD down into the ice cave.
  • Clear out kett. Just keep following the hallway down.
  • Rescue captured angara. When you get deep enough into the cave, you’ll find some more captured angarans. Use the consoles to free all three of them. There are more kett to shoot.
  • Talk to rescued angara. When you free the third, he’ll tell you about what the kett were doing in this cave.
  • Go to blockage. It’s an ice wall. (We were going to make a comment about the kett not having hair dryers, but the kett don’t have hair, so maybe they just never thought of that.)
  • Clear blast zone.
  • Enter chamber.
  • That’s the end of the mission, but you’ve got some decisions to make.
  • You’ll meet an ancient angaran AI here. She’s probably insane, but she’s still an ancient angaran AI.
  • Your first choice is whether or not to just shoot the AI and destroy it.
  • If you choose to let it live, the next choice will be to keep it for yourself (and SAM) or give it to the angarans.
  • There are no negative consequences to either of those choices, but if you give her to the angarans, they’ll aid you in the final battle.