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Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: Truth and Trespass allies and relationships mission walkthrough

Drama on the salarian ark

Some time after rescuing the salarian ark from the Archon during "Hunting the Archon," Kallo will ask to speak to you. He’ll tell you about a communication he received from a mysterious contact asking for a meeting. This will start you on a long journey of (a lot of) planet-hopping and intrigue. It concludes with a choice that effects the end of the game.

  • Go to the meeting point on Havarl. The communication from your contact gives you a location along the river on Havarl.
  • Stop the ambush. The kett will show up at the same time you do.
  • Search the area. There’s a crate marked on your HUD that you need to scan.
  • Examine the kett supplies. After you scan the crate, Saelen Varn will show up to talk to you about some of the weirdness you saw on the salarian ark. He’ll point you to a suspect on Voeld.
  • Scan Dr. Aden’s equipment on Voeld. Dr. Aden’s equipment is in Techiix. Follow your HUD into the lab, then scan everything you can — there are three pieces of equipment
  • Scan evidence from kett handler on Voeld. The kett handler is inconveniently (and predictably) surrounded by kett. Shoot the handler and the rest of the kett, then scan the handler’s body.
  • Speak to Hayjer about your findings. You’ll find Hayjer on the Nexus. He’ll point you to an ark officer’s apartment (also on the Nexus).
  • Search Rand Lon’s apartment. We’re giving Lon’s apartment its own section. There’s a lot to scan in here. Everything you can scan is in the gallery above — the terminal on the right as soon as you walk in, the cutting board and the plant in the kitchen on the left, the powder on the coffee table and the footprints in the bedroom.
  • Leave Rand Lon’s apartment. You’ll bump into Lon on your way out. He’ll make some empty threats and cast some aspersions about Saelen’s character, but just work your way through the conversation and leave.
  • Go to the navpoint on Elaaden.
  • Scan the ground. Walk around to the north side of the crashed ship, and scan the ground to find some footprints.
  • Follow the tracks. Once you get a feel for the direction, get back in your (air-conditioned) Nomad and drive over the dune to find a scavenger camp.
  • Defeat the scavengers. Shoot the scavengers, then talk to Saelen.
  • Help Saelen. He’ll inform you of Dr. Aden’s deception.
  • Speak to the imposter in Kadara’s caves. Your next (and, thankfully, final) stop is on Kadara. Head to the cave and confront Dr. Aden about his collaboration with the kett.
  • You’ll have a choice at the end between releasing Dr. Aden in exchange for the intel he gathered on the kett or arresting him. If you arrest Dr. Aden, Saelen (the real Saelen) will arrive to help you during the final battle against the Archon.

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