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Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: ‘Modern Medicine’ Heleus assignment walkthrough

Fighting the intergalactic war on drugs.

As you wander around Kadara Port and the Kadara slums, working your way through the various errands to make the planet livable, you’ll be asked to investigate Kadara’s drug problem (and given a very unhelpful waypoint on your map). In case you haven’t noticed them yet, the slums are off to the left after you take the elevator down from the port. As you wander around the slums, you’ll see people in various degrees of drugged stupor, but you won’t actually be able to do anything about it until you find and talk to Dr. Nakamoto.

  • Talk to Dr. Nakamoto. This isn’t an official step in the "Modern Medicine" mission, but it’s how you start it. He’s in a shipping container on the second story of the slums. Use the maps in the gallery above the help you get oriented.
  • He’ll tell you about some of his work that’s been turned into a drug called Oblivion, and then (surprise, surprise) he’ll ask for a favor.
  • Go to Dr. Nakamoto’s old lab. Follow your map marker to the doctor’s lab — it’s north-northeast of Kadara Port.
  • Defeat the Outcast guards. As per usual, you’ll know you’re in the right place when you start getting shot at.
  • Inside the lab, you’ll find Dr. Farenth.
  • Retrieve formula. You’re faced with a choice here — basically, who to believe. You can take the formula from Dr. Farenth and return it to Dr. Nakamoto so he can use it for good. Or you can believe Dr. Farenth and leave the formula with her.
  • If you leave the formula with Dr. Farenth, Oblivion will continue to be sold on Kadara. If you take the formula and return it to Dr. Nakamoto, the drug will stop being sold and he’ll eventually become the doctor at the Kadara Initiative outpost.
  • Return to Dr. Nakamoto.

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