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Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: ‘Life on the Frontier’ Heleus assignment mission walkthrough

Unraveling a conspiracy on the Nexus

Not long after you wrap up "A Trail of Hope," Vetra’s kid sister, Sid, will contact you about something strange she’s discovered. She’s found some weird attacks on Initiative ships that imply that a mercenary group, the Three Sabers, are being fed information from within the Initiative. And now it’s up to you to figure out what’s going on. (Also, while this mission involves Vetra’s sister, this is not part of Vetra’s loyalty mission — which also involves Sid.)

  • Meet with Sid on the Nexus.
  • Investigate space attacks on Nexus ships. There are four locations to investigate — all helpfully marked on your galaxy map. Get to the system, scan for anomalies, launch a probe and examine the wreckage.
  • Follow the Three Sabers to their hideout on Kadara. After the fourth scan, Suvi will pin down the Three Sabers’ location on Kadara.
  • Defeat the Three Sabers. They are surprisingly not happy to see you.
  • Search the hideout. Check for datapads on both floors of the main building.
  • Speak to Yale on Eos. All that’s left in this mission is to follow the chain of command to the top. You’ll hop a couple of planets to get this done.
  • Confront Addison. On the Nexus, you’ll confront Addison — and you’ll have an important-looking dialogue choice at the end. What you choose is up to you, though — it doesn’t effect anything in the game, so go with your conscience. (We detail the end-effecting decisions here.)

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