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Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: ‘High Noon’ Heleus assignment mission walkthrough

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

The mission to settle Kadara is a pretty vague at the start — with general tasks. But as you start to do the work, you’ll end up with an ever-increasing list of other missions to do, each of which takes some time and effort on your part. We’ll run through the main mission’s tasks here and add in the side missions as they come up.

  • Look for signs of violence between rival factions in Kadara Port. This is the first of the branch-off missions and the easiest to find.

Murder in Kadara Port

  • Scan corpse. The corpse is kind of just laying there just inside of Kadara Port. It’s easy to spot because of the pool of blood and the guards all standing around it.
  • Speak to Reyes about murders. Scanning with body will point you to Reyes. When you speak with him in his bar in the Kadara Slums, he’ll give you a new mission.

A People Divided

  • Go to the crime scene. Follow you HUD and map to the crime scene — it’s off to the west of Kadara Port (near where the Initiative outpost will be).
  • Scan all clues in the crime scene. When you get to the building marked on your map, start scanning. As soon as you get inside, scan the bottle on the ground, the foot locker on the wall on the left, blood spatter in front of the door, the deceased krogan in the other room and the frying pan next to the body, footprints outside the door and the knife on the container.
  • Now you’re done inside, but there’s more to scan. Go back outside through the same door you just came in through. Scan the footprints right outside the door and the knife on the container in front of the door.
  • Meet Reyes at the roekaar hideout. Head south to the hideout. Reyes isn’t there yet, and things don’t go well.
  • Defeat the roekaar. After a brief conversation with the roekaar leader, Reyes will show up and force the fight.
  • Leave the roekaar hideout.

  • Work with Reyes. Working with Reyes means helping him with his quasi-legal business ventures.

Precious Cargo

  • Meet Reyes at Kralla’s Song. It seems Reyes has similar taste in exes as Peebee.
  • Go to the meeting spot at Spirit’s Ledge. it’s to the southeast of Kadara Port
  • Search for signs of Zia’s meeting. You’re looking for a terminal. It’s behind some rocks in the southeast of the meeting area.
  • Examine dead drop. The data pad you find will point you to a new location in the northeast of the map.
  • Meet Reyes at navpoint.
  • Defeat smugglers. Hint: Shoot them with bullets.

  • Investigate drug use in Kadara slums.
  • Help Dr. Nakamoto retrieve the formula. These two parts of the settling Kadara comprise the "Modern Medicine" mission.

Modern Medicine

  • Talk to Dr. Nakamoto. This isn’t an official step in the "Modern Medicine" mission, but it’s how you start it. He’s in a shipping container on the second story of the slums. Use the maps in the gallery above the help you get oriented.
  • He’ll tell you about some of his work that’s been turned into a drug called Oblivion, and then (surprise, surprise) he’ll ask for a favor.
  • Go to Dr. Nakamoto’s old lab. Follow your map marker to the doctor’s lab — it’s north-northeast of Kadara Port.
  • Defeat the Outcast guards. As per usual, you’ll know you’re in the right place when you start getting shot at.
  • Inside the lab, you’ll find Dr. Farenth.
  • Retrieve formula. You’re faced with a choice here — basically, who to believe. You can take the formula from Dr. Farenth and return it to Dr. Nakamoto so he can use it for good. Or you can believe Dr. Farenth and leave the formula with her.
  • If you leave the formula with Dr. Farenth, Oblivion will continue to be sold on Kadara. If you take the formula and return it to Dr. Nakamoto, the drug will stop being sold and he’ll eventually become the doctor at the Kadara Initiative outpost.
  • Return to Dr. Nakamoto.

  • Ask Outcast leadership about trouble on Kadara.
  • Help Kaetus with the kett on Kadara.

Behind Enemy Lines

  • Look for signs of kett on Kadara. Your first clue is the crashed ship at your map marker.
  • Speak to the survivor.
  • Scan for kett tracks. There are no tracks right there at the crash site, but watch your HUD for a new marker. Down the hill, you’ll find another body. There are kett tracks nearby.
  • Track the kett to their hideout. You’ll have to find a couple more sets of tracks, but they’ll marked on your map, so they’re easy to find. Eventually, they’ll lead you to a cave.
  • Defeat the kett. Sloane will meet you there. Your job is to shoot them all with bullets. There’s a kett fiend in there, so be ready for a tough fight.

  • Return to the Tempest.
  • Check your email and respond to Reyes.
  • Attend Sloane’s party with Reyes.

Night on the Town

  • Read your mail.
  • Call Reyes.
  • Meet Reyes at Outcast headquarters.
  • Mingle with party guests. You need to talk to three party guests — which is easy because there are only five people at the party for you to talk to. Try Umi (the bartender from Kralla’s Song), Velus (who is fighting with his girlfriend) and Sloane.
  • Find Reyes. You’ll have to go back out of the party to find him. Scruffy-looking rogue that he is, Reyes is using the party to steal top shelf booze from Sloane.

  • Wait for trouble to come calling. After the party, the mission will go on hold. Shortly after, Sloane will call you on your comm.
  • Meet Sloane.

High Noon

  • Speak to Sloane. The leader of the Collective, The Charlatan, has decided to bring the conflict about control over Kadara to a tipping point.
  • Meet Sloane at the Charlatan’s specified location. Sloane will meet you outside of the cave to the west of Kadara Port — so don’t drive into the cave.
  • Surprise! Reyes is the Charlatan, and he challenges Sloane to a duel for control of Kadara Port.
  • But Reyes is not all that honorable and there’s a sniper waiting for Sloane. There’s a pop-up that will appear for you to save Sloane, if you so choose. Your choice here has a minor effect on the end of the game.
  • If you save Sloane, everything stays the same on Kadara — Reyes flees and Sloane and her Outlaws stay in charge of Kadara Port. Sloane will show up to help you at the end of the game.
  • If you don’t act to protect Sloane from the sniper, Reyes and the Collective will take over on Kadara. Reyes will show up at the end of the game.

  • Speak to Reyes at Tartarus or speak to Sloane and Outcast headquarters. Either way, whoever’s in charge will give permission for the Initiative to build an outpost.
  • Stabilize Kadara’s environment by resetting the vault. Before you can, though, you’ll have to complete "Healing Kadara’s Heart" and get the planet’s viability up to 40%.
  • Create an outpost.