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Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: ‘Ghost of Promise’ additional task walkthrough

More like Goose Chase of Promise.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda’s "Ghost of Promise" mission seems to be random by design. You only pick it up by happening across a datapad in your wandering, and you only complete it by happening across two more datapads in your wandering. There are no waypoints for the three datapads you have to find, so you have to guess. That’s a lot of wandering and chance for the 270 XP you’ll earn at the end — so make sure you know what you’re getting into before you get started.

General advice

Like we said, the random nature of this mission means there’s no step-by-step instructions. We’ll show you what worked for us below, but here we’ll try to tell you what to look for.

  • Look for remnant ruins with scourge around it. It might not be true every time, but it’s a place to start.
  • The locations won’t be on the map, but they’re probably close to something on your map. Use the marked remnant locations on your map to start your searching.
  • The first part of this mission is just finding it.
  • Chances are, you’re going to have to shoot your way through some remnant at most (if not all) of the remnant ruins you find.
  • Locate the researcher’s other stations. You need to find two more of Ana Carrell’s datapads. The gallery above shows where we found them, but the locations may be different for you. Use the guidelines we wrote above for help.
  • Follow the navpoint. After you find the third waypoint, SAM will give you a waypoint to a new remnant vault.
  • Find Ana Carrell’s final research. There are three more datapads on the left side of the room after you take the gravity well down.
  • This is technically all you have to do for the mission, but if you’re in a shooting mood, use the console behind where you landed to open the door on the far side of the room.
  • There’s a remnant destroyer inside that you’ll have to take on, but he’s guarding a bunch of scannable tech and a couple of containers with goodies inside. The container on the left has a (pretty easy) remnant decryption puzzle to solve. (The solution is in the gallery above.)
  • Deliver the data to Prodromos. Follow the waypoint to a terminal where you can upload Ana Carrell’s data.

The next level of puzzles.

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